Horse Drawn Carriage???

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baby-bop09 Posts: 20
[color=darkblue:19x5hbfa]Hi all, I'm looking for a horse drawn carriage to take me from my house to the church on the morning of our wedding. My h2h is really into horses and wants this but i'm finding it difficult to find people that offer this service. I know of two, one in Killarney (€500 approx) and another in Carlow (€900 - €1200). But i would like to get another price or two before we decide. Anyone have anymore suggestions. Our wedding will be on in cork.[/color:19x5hbfa]
Port Princess Posts: 1154
Sorry I don't know of anymore but I was quoted between 800 and 1200 for a Dublin wedding!!! So I'd jump at the 500 quote!!
mrs waterfordbride Posts: 3063
i was quoted on two prices. one was 1000 and the other was 1500
baby-bop09 Posts: 20
yeah the €500 price seems good. think i might go with that one :) Happy Days. Thanks girls. :xox