Horse Drawn Carriages yeah or neahhhhh!!!!

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littlemissmeath Posts: 88
Anybody see the bit about horse drawn carriages on Xpose this evening??? What did you think? Anybody getting one?? The way they were talking loads of people go for them but I've never been at a wedding with one....yet!
The Hamster Posts: 53
Neeeeeeigh!!!! (Sorry :o0 )
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Neahhhhhhh!!!! i hate saying that cos im sure some people on here are getting them.. but not my thing at all.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I have to say I'm another neigh ( :-8 ) just not my kinda thing - to smelly and uncontrollable for my liking.
sunyday Posts: 57
Have to agree with others girls, wouldnt be for me!
nelle Posts: 552
Ditto with the other girls - it'd deffo be a neigh from me too personally. :wv
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Not for me either! Maybe it works for people whose Church is very close to the reception venue!
christmasbride2012 Posts: 478
Didn't see the Xpose thing but have to say neahhhhhh!!!! Please don't be insulted but it just reminds me of the episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!! Then again, I know someone who did it as she's really into horses and it was a really pretty, old fashioned carriage. Each to their own!!
skitchums Posts: 1283
Neigh here too! We had the option of it in Sorrento for very reasonable but I just can't, I feel it should be part of the "tacky" thread, sorry :-8
islandlil Posts: 1059
I disagree! It's a yeah from me. Love them :lvs -the classy vintage style ones that is (not the white Jordan style ones!) Think they look beautiful and very classy-surprised how many don't like them. :ooh I wold have loved one for my wedding but let me OH have his way on the car (white stretch limo) which seems a lot less classy then horse and carriage. (though we did really enjoy having our GMs and BMs in it with us so was great fun) :wv