Hosp bag - what baby clothes & sizes?

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juicytube2 Posts: 245
Hey just wondering can anyone show me their list for the labour/hosp bag for babys clothes in terms of sizing? basically im wondering are you bringing a mix of sizes eg 2 -newborn vests plus gros, 5- 0-1 mth etc............am struggling to know what to pack for the little un, have no idea of size of baba! I do have 10 vests from mamas n papas that say they are 0-3 months and up to 14lbs but when compared to the dunnes ones i have which are up to 13lns they look tiny, so my thinking was i should bring the m&p's ones in to the hospital as I was hoping they would fit a newborn - what do you think???? I have also bought a gender neutral trio of gros from next 0-1 month, but again I had heavily bought from dunnes in the vest and gro department 0-3 months but looking at them now i think my new born would be swimming in them so I think i may just put them away in a drawer for a while. But it leaves me light on baby clothes now, hence the post, just wondering if anyone can give me a steer as to how much of everything you have to bring into the hosp in terms of mix of sizes and also do you have much back up stuff at home? i was kinda hoping people would buy me a lot of stuff but you just never know and i dont want to be stuck in hosp or at home for the first couple of weeks without enough of the basics! thanks girls :thnk
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I put in 0-3 mths only as any of the newborn stuff I had been given was only up to 7lbs and looked tiny. I ended up putting them in a charity bag. I did put a mix of nappy sizes in though. The Tesco 0-3 size goes up to about 15lbs and looks quite big and their newborn stuff would probably be fine even for an 8lber as they do an early baby range as well which is more the size of newborn in most other shops I think.
baba2010 Posts: 247
Hey there - my advice is: bring about 8 babygros and vests if you can. I bought some 0-3 month babygros from Dunnes for DS and @ 9lbs 9 he was lost in them. The 0-1 month Next ones were much better (IMO) for the early days. Re: the vests, I think ours were the 0-3 month ones from Dunnes and that was fine with me cause I hated putting them on over his head so the fact they were a little big suited me :-8 ...! I know people mentioned to me that you can get the vests that button up in Tesco, but anytime I went in there they didn't have them in newborn. If you don't want to bring too many, if you feel you will need more than you are bringing pack up an extra bag with additional supplies and get DH to bring them in and bring home some of the dirty ones. You could use the ones that look a little big for this bag - cause big is better than dirty!! Best of luck... you have such a wonderful time ahead!!! Jealous!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I found next babygros best for size along with mothercare. I was told on DD2 she was small so I bought the newbaby size for her and bought just one set of neutral. I use marks and spencers vests. It's the size below 0-3months I went with adn they were great fit. I use size 1 or 2 in pampers newbaby too. There is very little between 1 and 2 so I would go with maybe one pack of 1 and you can always move to the number 2 if you think they are small but I doubt they will be unless you have a massive baby. I didn't know what I was having on either so went with neutral. DD2 was fairly mucusy and I went through loads of changes with her. I sent DH straight to next morning after she was born to buy me babygros, he came back with 6new ones for me. My mum took dirty ones away and had them clean for me for when I got home. I had loads at home from dd1 so was lucky.