Hospital bag and cleaning query

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doggiedave Posts: 16
Hi everyone, Just wondering if anybody knows if it's necessary to wash the baby clothes/blankets etc you bring to the hospital or is that overkill? Also I got a Moses basket from a friend and wanted to freshen up the bedding, would dry cleaning be too harsh? Would it be better to just put it through the washing machine? Getting a new mattress so don't need to worry about that. Completely clueless here! I don't want to come over all paranoid about germs but don't want to be taking risks either! Thanks a mil!
ontheway Posts: 432
The info I got from hospital said to wash all babys clothes in non bio detergent. I have washed everything for the baby from baby grows to bed sheets, just cos you dont know who has been handling them in the shops etc. My SIL gave me lots of blankets and bedding and I washed that too, just so they were freshened up and least I know what detergent has been used if baby doesnt take to it.
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
I washed the covers off my moses basket in the machine before loaning it to SIL and they were fine. I took out the padding and checked the care label, if you look, there is probably one on the fabric part somewhere. I washed everything before putting on baby until he was a few months old. The one time I didn't, when DS was about 6 weeks old, I opened a packet of vests and put one on him, a couple of hours later, he had a rash on his back ;o( I felt like a bad mummy that day. Am remebering here what it was like washing all the tiny vests and babygros before DS arrived :lvs I put them all on clothes horse to dry (it was January) and it looked so adorable, I took a photo :lvs It really hit me that day that there was a real baby on the way :o0
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I do think it's sensible as it's not so much about who's been handling the clothes before you've bought them, but the chemicals that may be hanging about on them from manufacture and packaging that may irritate baby's skin. I will be washing all my baby stuff in non bio before I use it. BTW... another poster on here recommended Persil non-bio over Fairy on a similar previous thread........ there's €2 off the 'small & mighty' non bio in Superquinn at the mo so I've just bought mine!
queenmama Posts: 418
I've washed everything also as some clothes/blankets were not wrapped. It gives me peace of mind :o0
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Ive washed everything down to the cot bumper :-8 I just hate that "new" smell that does be on new clothes etc and as delphinium said aparantly they use lots of chemicals in dyeing/making the clothes. I always wash new clothes for myself too before I wear them! Just buy some colour catcher sheets and put all colours in together - I have loads of different colour clothes and blankets bought and put them all in together so I think I only did 2 washes.