Hospital Bag - fear of early labour ????

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candypants Posts: 8575
Ok so after a scare i had tonight thinking i may go into labour with awful back pain i had that seemed to be contracting has given me a kick up the back side to get my bag ready, BUT, the lists on here seem to be very daunting, and the topic up above has sooooo much on it and pages and pages long i dont know where to start with it, despite my 10-15 attempts. So, does anyone have a basic hosp list so i can make a start, as im really starting to panic now about the whole thing........ i dont feel ready for it now, and that could be why i hadnt my bag ready but after tonight i want my bag done. Thanks girls. :wv
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Nappy Babygros Vests PJs for you hair brush shampoo shower gel toothbrush and toothpaste knickers pads towels that's basically all i had and i survived :)
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Oh what happened ya cp???? My list prob won't be of any use to you, sure I'll have the kitchen sink packed by the time I'm finished :o0 :o0
aston Posts: 4100
Hi Candy, Hope you are feeling a bit better?? Here is my list that I used for DS last year and will use for new baby too. Labour bag: Dressing gown Slippers 2 nighties 1 bath towel 1 face cloth Disposable knickers Lip balm 1 baby vest 1 baby gro 1 nappy 1 hand towel (small towel for baby) 1 pkt of maternity pads Glucose sweet s (I didnt use) Soft socks DH had choc for after and I had this with the tea and toast that the midwife brought in (Nicest thing I have ever eaten)! Hospital bag: 2 pjs Big knickers x 10 2 pkts maternity pads (can get in Sam McAuleys, brilliant) 1 box breast pads (if breastfeeding) 1 bath towel and 1 towel for your hair after showers etc 2 nursing bras (again if breastfeeding, got mine in M&S) socks, mittens & hat (for baby) 4-6 vests 4-6 babygros 1 pkt nappies 1 pkt bibs soft towel - baby cotton wool & baby water wipes Vaseline Cardigan for baby Baby suit- for going home Nursing top (if breastfeeding) Flip flops for shower Hairbrush, hair ties, makeup etc Witch hazel and arnica (exellent for helping healing after delivery) Nipple cream and nipple shields At home: Thermometer (would highly recommend to have one in your home) Madela breast pump, bilateral electric pump - Boots (is expensive so unles you are 110% sure you are breastfeeding I wouldnt get it until you are well on your way and you and baby are both happy) We used Nuk steriliser and bottles. They were excellent when DS changed over from breastfeeding to bottle. Make sure now to buy comfy tracksuit and tops for afterwards when hanging around at home. You need comfy clothes. I got a few dresses in Next as well that you just throw on over your head etc and wore with tights. Very comfy when I had to go out and about first. Front fastening babygros are the handiest. Muslin squares very very handy for spillages! Any questions, feel free to ask :wv
candypants Posts: 8575
My back kept contracting into awful pain, i felt like i did in labour on DD, the panting in all just not the pain so severe, had a hot bath and in bed now and its eased an awful lot...... phew! Im like Mamabooms list ;o) Aston, why is there 2 diff bags and not just the one :eek
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Oh God love ya hon, hope the pain stays at bay!!!! I've 3 different bags :o0 :o0 , labour bag for exactly what it says and my hospital bag and the baby's hospital bag, they will stay in the boot till we are in a room, the reason I went for separate ones for me and the baby is so me and dh won't kill eachother if I ask him to go look for something, at least if it's for the baby then it's in the baby bag and for me it's in my bag :o0 :o0 :o0
aston Posts: 4100
Cause when you go in you will just bring in your labour bag. It has all you need for your labour and your clean nightdress and dressing gown etc for heading back up to ward with your new baby :lvs Your OH will then take out the labour bag with messy labour clothes and towel etc and take them home and he can bring in your hosp bag(which you will leave in car until now) so you will have all your other things for your stay in hosp for you and your LO! Better to get yourself a bit organised when you feel up to it and pack ur bags. I packed mine and feel way more relaxed! Get like a gym bag for your labour bag and then a small hand luggage case for your hosp bag :wv
redwifey Posts: 2932
I put a black refuse bag in hosptial bag and I just threw all my labour stuff in this and the first towel I used too so I could just get DH to throw them in the bin after. Don't forget socks for your labour bag (feet get cold) and a facecloth - I found this a godsend as I was roasting during the pushing stage. Something to tie back your hair too if you would use it. Mamabooms list looks perfect.