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EHRK Posts: 82
Hi there, I was unable to get into their anti natal classes as they were all booked up, can anyone please tell me what the hospital supply ie Towels for shower, nappies, bottles, blankets etc? Many thanks
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
hi there, You will more than likely need 3 bags ready; labour, hosp and baby bag Labour bag: for what you need in labour only. Nightdress, slippers, few cosmetics, 1 babygro, vest and nappy for babs. Hosp bag for you: everything else you will need for your stay in hosp. Baby bag: everything else the babs will need for stay in hosp; nappies, clothes, blankets etc. You won't need bottles. They encourage bf'ing but if you decide to bottle-feed, they supply the feeds there, bottles and all. I think there is a sticky at the top of main p&b page detailing the lists better than me. SOme things to bring are a personal choice. HTH :wv
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
The don't supply towels for a shower or anything so you need to have that yourself really the only thing they supply is a hat for bub, bottles if ur not BF, a blanket (but I brought my own). You need to bring your own supply of cotton wool etc for bub too. There is a list around somewhere must see if I can find it.