Hospital Bag - What type and how big?

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FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Morning ladies!!! I was in with my neighbour and she was just saying how time is flying and soon enough it would be time to start getting my bag together and to be honest i never even thought of it, time really is flying by so I don't want to pack one in a panic. I don't have a large enough bag at home that would do just me never mind for baby too. So i was jsut wondering what type of bag are you packing? Are you packing 2 bags, one for you and one for baba seperately? or just one big bag Are you using like a suitcase type thing or what? I'm so unsure of what to do :duh: Cheers!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Space is a premium in a lot of the bigger hospitals so I'm just bringing an overnight type bag for the labour ward - that will hold my bits & inital bits for babs. I then have a cabin size bag for the main ward but will leave this in the car until it's needed & DH can collect. Will leave the going home bits in another bag at home so DH can bring it in when it's needed - hope to be in & out quickly enough. Will pack a roll of plastic bin liners in my bag so I can send stuff home straight away or bin it! I haven't got mine packed yet - don't have half of what I need so it'll be another few weeks before I get to it :o0
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
was told at our anti natal class last week to bring to 2 cabin size bags. one for labour ward and one for post natal ward which is to be left in car until needed as the hospitals are tight for space....... someone posted a hospital check list on the list of what to bring to hospital topic which is very good. also you can download one from eumoms which is also very good.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I have a small weekend bag packed for labour. I will have a full size suitcase for hospital stay(this contains stuff for both me&baby). These are the bags I used for last baby. One lesson I learnt 2 weeks ago, pack a bag for yourself from around 26weeks. Holles st rule of thumb(other hospitals might be same) if you come in anytime after 26 weeks with cramps or bleed they'll keep you 12 hours for observation so if come in anytime after 5 they will keep you over night.
PearlBaby Posts: 532
We were told at our class to bring one bag so now i have a suitcase packed (about the size of a cabin bag) and i'm worried its to big and they'll have a right laugh at me when we get there - but i cant get everything into a smaller bag :-8 Might pack another bag and leave it in the car for DH to bring in stuff when i need it.
babybambino Posts: 940
I brought a schoolbag size bag for labour and my gym bag for me and baby. I ended up staying in the hospital for 1 night before my induction and 4 nights after having baby and I managed fine. My husband was in every day and my parents came in to visit too so they were able to bring me extra bits as I needed them and bring home washing. I think the less you have the better because there isn't a whole lot of space at your bedside in the wards so it can be difficult rummaging through a big bag looking for whatever you need.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
Last time for the labour ward I just had a bag the size of a large handbag or a beach bag. All you need is a couple of nighties, a nappy, maybe a bottle of water and your camera. You don't need much in labour!!! Then I had a small cabin sized suitcase for the maternity ward. Sent dirty stuff home every day and got DH to bring in more things (clean clothes, towels etc) but had to tell him where everything was so this time I'll just have it all laid out at home. Edited to add: you're not even 20 weeks do you've plenty of time. I didn't pack til around 35 weeks last time and even that was too early as the bags were sitting there taunting me for ages!!!