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saabyrne Posts: 5
hi girls just looking for a bit of advice. this is my 2nd preganancy and in the first i suffered from SPD and received physio for it. managed ok and had a normal birth thank god. i am 32 weeks nearly and over the last two days i am in agony with the SPD. i can barely walk or stand and as i have a very active three year old this is getting very difficult. just wondering what would you do? would feel rather silly going to the emergency room just for this as i know the baby is perfectly ok for now its just me thats falling apart :o0 :o0 but then again going to my GP what can she really do for me? (also had a little bit of a bleed two weeks ago which turned out to be ok just makes me worry more though) sorry for the long post just in agony here :-8
bam bam Posts: 1756
You poor thing!! I'm with the hospital physio at the mo for SPD and I don't have a 3year old to look after. I would defo ring the Midwife now and have a chat with her and see what she thinks. She might be able to get you into the physio quicker if you ring first. Have ya taken some paracetomol?
saabyrne Posts: 5
hi bam bam thanks for the reply. just took two earlier but they just dont seem to be helping at all. i have been waiting on a physio appointment this time around since i was eight weeks pregnant. would you ring the emergency room would there be a midwife there?? oh its still hard having this when you've no children and whats worse is loads of people have never even heard of it :o( :o(
mamabelle Posts: 1101
Would you just go privately to physio? I went to Mt Carmel for physio - even though I had my baby in Holles St. There was no waiting time and cost about €50.