Hospital policy not to tell you the sex

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Jaffacake09 Posts: 5
Hi girls, I'm going for my anomoly scan tomorrow and I was just reading a leaflet from the consultant about it. It said on it that it's their policy not to tell you the sex of the baby. Thing is I really really want to know. Do you think if I ask really nicely they might tell me anyway!?
McMummy Posts: 1041
I could be wrong but I think they just put that in so they won't tell you or ask do you want to know unless you ask. We didn't want to know but got so caught up in the scan that if they had of asked us did we want to know then and there we would have said tell us.
charli Posts: 5994
yeah i think that means, they wont tell unless they are asked, they may not even offer to tell for instance i didnt want to know, but was asked at my scan, and i said no but your Dr. may not even ask unless you indicate that you want to know the sex of the baby good luck! :wv
Jaffacake09 Posts: 5
They wouldn't tell me >:o( I asked and they said it wasn't their policy so I explained that DP and i really wanted to know but they still wouldn't tell us. DP even said how much would it take to know!!! They didn't even laugh I'm gutted. I really wanted to know. I am paying them loads of money I can't believe they wouldn't tell me!
LilyBlue Posts: 279
If you really want to know book a private scan or a 3D ultrasound. Good luck x
MotherNature Posts: 317
I had to practiacally beg my doc. not to tell me! Every time I went in for an appointment to the hospital and got my mini scan he asked if I wanted to know. I was so afraid that he'd tell me that I kept having to tell him that we really wanted it to be a secret. I think a lot of doctors will tell if you ask, it's just the 'official' line in most hospitals that they won't. I think it's mainly to cover their rear ends in case they tell you the wrong thing and you come back to them with your receipts for pink paint!
grumpy Posts: 1280
Which hospital are you going to? I went to Rotunda and went private with dd 13 years ago, and they wouldn't tell me then. But I went public through domino scheme with ds last year and at 22 weeks I had a scan and asked if it was possible to tell the sex. The nurse said yes, and then told me it was a boy. I can't believe there are hospitals still not telling you.
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
think there are a few hospitals around who have been sued for telling incorrectly. unfortunately for you its a knockback effect of sue nation. if you really want to knpow would agree with another poster and go for a private scan. where are you having the baby?