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pink or blue Posts: 359
Hi, sorry if this is a really stupid question but im a first timer and I havnt a clue what im doing. I went to my GP approx 2 weeks ago and she confirmed my BFP. She filled in a form for combined care and I got a letter back saying im entitled to it. My question is regarding the hospital. Am i supposed to ring the hospital and make app for the scan or has the GP sent something and i just wait for a letter in the post. iv no idea how this works?? I assumed I would get a letter from the hospital saying i had been registered and they would be in further contact or something?? any advice? Thanks
mommanancy Posts: 325
Sorry cant be of more help as when I went combined care I got a letter from the hospital saying when my scan was. Its probably different in each area of the country. Maybe ring your GP and ask her what the procedure is?
shellbellxxx Posts: 133
hi, first off congrats on your bfp.. i had to ring the hospital and book my own appointment. from what i know thats normal. xx
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
My doctor contacted the hospital for me, I just had to wait for an appointment to come in the post. Each pratice seems to have different policies, it's a pain in the backside. Best off to contact your surgery and ask the secretary what their procedure is.
pink or blue Posts: 359
Hi all, thanks for the advice, i will call my gp tomorrow just to confirm. :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
What hospital are you going to and then we shoujld be able to give more info. COngrats on your BFP, such an exciting time!