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letty Posts: 444
hi girls just found out im pregnant - was so focused on wedding for next year this didnt even enter my head when i had all the symptoms,, i was in the middle of having tests for PCOS was to go back next week,, well dont have to now.... so shocked - anybody give me there opinion on maternity hospitals in dublin
jen2 Posts: 3106
Hi Letty First of all congrats onthe baby. I hope all goes well for you. When is the baby due? I live on the south side of Dublin so I picked Mount Carmel Hospital in Churchtown.. The staff there are so friendly, and the food is quite nice. The best bit is they will keep the baby in the nursery all night so you can get a good nights sleep. Even if brest feeding you can express/ bottled milk and they will do the night feed. I really found it great. I have had both my children there. You will need to pick a OBGYN who works in the hospital. I think there is Valerie Donnelly and Gerry Rafferty. I used Gerry, great guy. Hope that helps you some. Keep us updated. Jen2
snozberry Posts: 1212
I had my two in Holles Street and the staff are fantastic - couldnt fault them. I had an emergency section on my 2nd who arrived unexpectedly and the staff were amazing. best of luck with wherever you choose.... everyone will have their own opinions on each hospital they have been to!
[email protected] Posts: 492
Hi Letty CONGRATULATIONS!!! Really pleased for you and wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. I choose Holles Street too just because my Hubby and sisters children were born there. I heard great and horror stories about all of the Hospitals - i think it really depends on your midwife and doctor. If youre going private or semi private you need to book one quickly as they're books fill very quickly. If you ring the hospital you're thinking about they'll give you a list of their Drs. Cx
clio99 Posts: 712
I picked Rotunda, had first DD there in 96 went public and had no probs at all had her xmas eve and was out Stepehns Day (lucky). This time going back to Rotunda semi private and have had no probs at all. I think the level of care you get in any of the hospital is the same, you just have to decide which is easier travel wise etc, cost factor (public free, semi €500, private up to €3000 with health ins). I dont think I would base it on whether or not they take your baby for you at night each to their own though. Have a look at the websites of each of the hosptials, their stats and of course people you know and then make an informed decision based on what is best for you.
Jane 06 Posts: 114
Clio, Snap, I had my daughther Christmas Eve 2000!! What a christmas present :lol: :lol:
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Congratulations Clio
clucky Posts: 26471
jen I used to work in the kitchen in Mount Carmel and I could tell you some shocking stories about the food there. :wink:
clio99 Posts: 712
It was a mad one allright, I remember sitting down to crimbo dinner in the middle of the ward :No( at 12 pm. rotton. couldnt eat it got dd's dad to bring me in sambos, I would of left that day was allowed by doc, only dad and DD's dad were lke no way is she coming home after 12 hrs. I will be this time although hubbie is under the impression that I will be staying in for about 3 days I dont think so :shock:
Jane 06 Posts: 114
I know what you mean - Christmas Dinner in hopsital is definately a different experience. Have to say I stayed in as long as I could - they practically had to throw me out. :lol: :lol: Good luck with the next one, Jane