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baby talc Posts: 688
Girls ,I've posted this in ttc and I'm probably just reading too much into this ..well yesterday afternoon I literally spent the afternoon on the sofa with a cup of tea and some biccies . The heating was on so I was nice and cosy . After a while I got a very hot feeling like flushes ..when I got up my head felt heavy and I was slightly dizzy - could have been just the headache . Anyway , I took my temp and it was 37,1°C and my boobs were huge . While I was cooking dinner I was literally sweating !!!! An couple of hrs later I took my temp again and it was 36,6°C ...could implantation have occured yesterday afternoon do you think ? Funnily enough , this morning I was reading my ovulation ticker below and it showed implantation could start to occur from yesterday onwards . Has anyone else ever had the same sensation and then gone to being pregnant ..I suppose I'm looking for some positive replies .. Thanks girls ... :thnk
popple Posts: 1368
no answer for you Baby talc, but fingers and toes crossed that its a good sign. :o)ll :o)ll
baby talc Posts: 688
ah thanks Popple , really appreciate your reply ...