Hot towel/Cut throat shave for groom

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mini07 Posts: 282
Hi all, just a heads up for anyone whose H2B is planning this, my fiance was really keen to do this the morning of our wedding but he tried it a couple of weeks ago and his neck ended up destroyed, loads of little cuts and blood all around the neck of his shirt, says he would never do it again. So I just thought I would warn people to make sure he gets a trial before the big day. Was wondering too if anyone else had the same experience, I thought it might have been the place he went to just weren't very good
Vicky1274 Posts: 181
If my H2B doesn't start pulling his weight I'll give him a cut throat shave O:|
WinterGal Posts: 835
oh Vicky1274 :o0 When my H2B was best man last year the 3 guys (groom, best man and groom's man) went along on the morning of the wedding to Knighsbridge in Stephen's Green. They all came out perfect!!!! H2B was so smooth, even the next day! He normally has stubble reappering in a few hours but there was none. He couldn't get over it himself, his face did sting a lot but the results were worth it.
mollyeile Posts: 2486
I gotr my H2B a voucher for the Grafton barber - he loved it! Said it was the best shave he ever had.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
I had a disastrous experience the one and only time I tried this. I was bleeding all over the place by the time it was finished and my face came up in welts. I ended up going to the chemist to try and get it sorted out, and he said that some people can have that reaction. Definitely not something to do for the first time on your wedding day!
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
Hi, My dh and best man went to Grafton Barber's the morning of the wedding and they both had a rash on their necks :eek :eek later on in the evening dh reckons it was from the shirt and cravat, reckons if he had his time over again he wouldn't do it as he felt rushed then getting back home