Hot Water Bottle While Pregnant

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Piggle Posts: 1770
Oooooooh I am so scared!!! I've been using a hot water bottle for cramps etc since the beginning ... i nearly have it permanently attached to me! Is this really dangerous for the baby???
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
hey pet, i used a hot water bottle last night, as id a few niggly pains down below, didnt have it too hot tho, i dont know whether they are good or not, wud love to know too, :xxx
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I have been using it also alot (pulled muscle in stomach) but midwife told me to stop using it but if I had to only use it a warm temperature rather than hot. She said to have a warm bath instead. It was my gp who had recommended use of hotwater bottle to me. Midwife said to try to never put direct heat on bump. My mum said she regularly used a hot water bottle when she was pg with me and my sibblings and never did us any harm.
izzie1977 Posts: 460
Piggle I have been using one too, on my back mostly for the aches, i find it brilliant, mind has a knitted cover on it, so not to hot! I cant see it doing much harm, its my only vice for the ache in my back !!
Piggle Posts: 1770
Oh gosh ... do you think i could have harmed the baby? Maybe i should ring my GP!
izzie1977 Posts: 460
Gosh Piggle, I dont think it could harm the baby at all. They use heat therapy to move babies when they are sitting on their mammies nerves etc. So I really dont see how it would. I would say dont have it boiling hot as they say dont have really hot baths, so make sure the hot water bottle is well padded so it is not too hot direct on your bump or back!
Piggle Posts: 1770
Thanks Izzie, Il still ask at my scan on friday! Id hate to do something wrong when im doing everything so so right!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Sorry if I worried you, just don't put it directly on your bump. You'll be fine, I understand you are worried but worry is also not good for babs!
Daff Posts: 11644
The hot batch thing is only cause baby can’t regulate it’s own temperature, so when our body temp goes up, so does there. As the hot water bottle is only in one area, and the rest of your body can cool down, I doubt there’s anything to worry about, but probably don’t put it directly over where the baby is. Saying that, my latest worry is the bump getting cold! I go for a walk each lunchtime, and with the weather the way it is when I get back to work my bump is freezing to the touch. I’ve started wearing a belly band around it to try and keep it a little warmer!!!
shellbellxxx Posts: 133
relieved to see niggly pains are sort of normal.. dont worry piggle, i doubt you did any harm to babs x x