Hotel brochure prices - vat

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Braid_Way Posts: 1
Hello, I'm new to the forums. I got engaged last year. I was relatively cool about things since I got engaged. I didn't even think about a wedding day. There's no plans in place and there's no date set. The Mr would like to make a move on with making some plans. I think we will be looking at a winter wedding. The Mr is interested in winter 2020. Me, I would be interested in stretching it out further to 2021 to give us more time with saving. We went to our first wedding fair recently. I have a question that I'm just after thinking about now. Do you know in a hotel's wedding brochure, they give a list of packages and price per head. Well does that include VAT? Is Vat separate to that and applied at the end. What are peoples experiences
Aisling S Posts: 2
Hi there, I've found all brochures include VAT. VAT has gone up in the past year so make sure all brochures are for 2019 or 2020 as old prices will have risen to reflect this. In saying that though I've found everywhere we looked has gone down in price once we visited. I think wedding fairs/showcases are a good time to get a deal as they may be authourised to give a bigger discount due to the fair