Hotel corkage - whats the average????

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bellee Posts: 441
Hi I think ive more or less finished haggling with my hotel on things but the sparkling wine corkage is still annoying me as it seems really high @10 euro per bottle? Esp. when i hear other 4 stars in same town allowing people bring in brandy for drinks reception corkage FREE and onlu charging 2 euro per bottle of wine? What are you girls paying - im hoping this might calm me down a tad???? ;o)
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We paid €10 per bottle!
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Most local hotels around me are FOC - other are €6-7 per bottle.
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Ours is €7.00 for sparkling wine. We haven't tried haggling yet as not sure we will be doing a toast drink but if we do then I will try and haggle down.
sarebear Posts: 275
Our hotel is €10 per bottle wine & champage and they won't budge on it O:|
lux Posts: 6270
We paid €10 a bottle. It was worth it though as we got our wine very cheaply and it worked out cheaper than going for the venue's wines and bubbly. I think DH worked out we saved about €300 bringing our own wine, so it worked well for us.
bellee Posts: 441
Great thanks for the replys girls .. the difference between hotels is crazy!!
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Our hotel arent charging corkage. Do all hotels usually charge for it?
lux Posts: 6270
[quote="lolly2010":sz4y7083]Our hotel arent charging corkage. Do all hotels usually charge for it?[/quote:sz4y7083] Ours wasn't a hotel, but I think most hotels do, it depends on their policy.
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Our hotel is free