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lady101 Posts: 175
Hi Has anyone paid the hotel more than the initial deposit?? We paid €1000 for booking the hotel but I would't mind giving them some more - reduce the 'left to pay' column in the budget!!. Is this silly?
angel1978 Posts: 1154
Was thinking this myself yesterday. Wouldnt it be great just to have to pay 1k at the end or something. We have to pay another 1k in Nov but im thinking of putting in 2k but would be interseted to see what others think.
Linda H Posts: 1151
I would be interested in this also *)
marquise Posts: 595
We have done this - we had to put down a deposit for each room we wanted to hold for the night of the wedding. However, the guests will pay the full price of the rooms and our deposit will be allocated towards the cost of the wedding meal. In one way it's great, because as you said, the "left to pay" column" is reduced. However, you would probably be better off putting the money in an account with a decent interest rate until the wedding - better that you make a few €€€s interest rather than the hotel!
hick Posts: 858
ours looks for 90% of the estimated costs about a month before the wedding. We were a bit put out at first, but they explained it was beacuse they had a wedding last year where they absconded without paying the balance and not only that but tv's and some furniture we're taken from a few of the rooms too :eek the neck of them!!! But to be honest, we're glad that we won't have to be handing over a HUGE cheque the day after the wedding now, and by the time the day comes round the money won't even be a consideration cos it'll be gone! :o0
Jemina Posts: 29
hello we had to pay 1000euro when we booked and a further 1000euro six months later.
nessie Posts: 340
Maybe ask your hotel as ours have told us that over the next few years we can drop down any amount of money at anytime that we have our own little "bank account" within the hotel and we can lodge in (but not out O:| :o0 ) at any time we want. Which is good to know that when we manage to finally stop paying deposits we can start lodgin in down there.
mac2k Posts: 112
Good idea but have read on here that you should be careful paying too much before the big day. What if the hotel changes hands, goes into liquidation etc?? O:|
Oct09B2B Posts: 374
We will be doing this as well - paying off the hotel as we go along. It will just leave less to deal with on the day.
June09SoExcited Posts: 598
We had to pay €2,000 on booking and are due to pay a further €1,500 6 months prior to wedding but other than that will just settle the balance when it becomes due. I'd rather have the interest of it being in my account rather than theirs. :o0 :o0