hotel haggling

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RIDGE Posts: 216
ive not haggled one bit with my hotel but since im just recently working part time cud i ask hotel to give me a better menu at same price eg throw in a starter? if i have to opt for a dearer menu then i have to invite less people so hotel lose out anyway? any opinions?
katiemomma Posts: 2690
i dont know when we should have started haggling wedings 8months away and havent haggled one bit with hotel i do plan on it maybe 2 months before wedding as they will want to keep you happy and give in to what you want. usually a chicken main meal is cheapest or turkey and ham. well it was cheapest of 13 hotels in kerry we looked at. also you could ask can you have one start and soup and then the guests only chose one of those. i think they get plenty of food in 3 courses never mind 4. though im having 4 as it was all included in a good price. also for afters food suggest you want sandwiches sausages and goujons but x amount is way too expensive if you give it to me for y amount per person i will go with it. all they can say is no. i bargained with favour boxes and got 50 free. all i asked was fora discount and she gave it to i will be chancing my arm when it comes closer to the wedding .
she Posts: 3298
See I did my bargaining before I signed on the dotted line. For example I got the corkage charge down from €8.50 to €4. I don't know whether you'd have much clout now but hey why don't you say it to them about if the menu was cheaper you'd invite more guests which means more money spent at the bar etc. No harm in trying anyway.