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new-wifey Posts: 338
Hi, Can anyone advise me on a nice hotel in Manchester City Centre. Near Shopping!! Thanks
Roxanne Posts: 3201
We stayed in the Radisson in Manchester when I took DH over for his fortieth. It was fab, amazing views, lovely rooms, great service. It wasn't crazy expensive either. I didn't do any shopping as we were there for a match, but it is pretty central so I'd say you'd be fine.
demonwife Posts: 225
Malmaison in Manchester is amazing and very near main city shopping area.
Hi guys, I'm sort of in the same boat. Trying to plan a trip to manchester for OH. I'll look up these hotels - thanks !! Just wondering do you have any idea how to go about getting match tickets for a Manchester United match ??? I'm not part of a soccer club or anything. ANy ideas ?? Thanks
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Very difficult to get match tickets unless you are part of the fan club/ season ticket holder. You can risk it over there and buy from touts on street on match day but very expensive or try things like Buy & Sell/ Donedeal etc.... I go to Manchester alot and always stay in the premier apartments. They are right across from the printworks and 2 min stroll from Arndale and the biggest Pennys I've ever seen :eek :eek :eek Also very easy to get the bus (no. 91 if I remember correctly) to Trafford Centre, you can literally spend a whole day shopping in!!! Enjoy, I'm going in February for the Liverpool game :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Thanks a mill for the info !! Hummm I think I'll be in trouble alright trying to get tickets ..... blast !!!
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Best bet for tickets it to ask around and find someone you know who has a season ticket. I wouldn't chance getting one from a tout, someone I know brought her DH to Liverpool for his birthday and was delighted to get him a ticket in a corperate box that seemed legit. He was in the box enjoying a drink before the game when security arrived to tell him his ticket was a forgery and to escort him off the premises... he barely spoke for the rest of the day he was so mortified and dissapointed. Disaster of a birthday weekend!
Oh fl*p it ... thats terrible !!! Yeah, I don't think I'd be able to deal with a tout anyway - I'd get ripped off straight away and my nerves would not be able to stand it comming up to the trip without having tickets already. Flip it. I'll have to get organised some way. Trouble is that the tickets are like gold dust then aswell. O-O
quietlife Posts: 475
hey if you stay in any of the hotels in the city they are all close to the shopping area and arendale. you will have to get a bus out to the trafford centre but there is hotels at the trafford centre too. as for match tickets you would prob have to buy them from agencys as my dad is a season ticket holder (for 25yrs) but they have changed his ticket to a swipe one so its not possible to sell them and if any of our friends go they have to meet him to get the tcket then meet again to give it back so it a pain. HTH