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Sin16 Posts: 236
When we booked our wedding we got a certain number of rooms that are kept that only guests going to the wedding can book at a wedding rate. Do all hotels do this? We got an email today as it's 6 months until our wedding. It stated that any rooms in the allocation that havnt been confirmed with credit card details within 4 months of wedding will be released. We wont be sending our invites until end of August so which just 2 months before. It just doesn't seem fair especially when people havnt got invites and I don't feel right telling people to go book without an invite and I'm not sending them now. I am wondering do all hotels keep an allocation or what happens.
Caran75 Posts: 43
Hi sin16. We got the 9 months notice that our guests can book rooms for our wedding using a code. They block book 15 standard rooms and then the other guests book what's left. We will give immediate family and bridal party the code sooner than the other guests. The hotel will release the rooms from the initial block book 28 days before wedding if they have not been booked. We will have had the invites sent out before this. We are thinking of sending invites out beginning December not to get caught in Christmas post. Getting married at end of Jan. Think 4 months before is a long time before your wedding to be informing guests to book hotel.
lorrimar Posts: 837
When we got married we had an allocation of 15 rooms at a reduced rate as part of our package and the other rooms were held for guests at the standard rate. They were released for general sale then about 3-4mths before the wedding. It worked out ok though as people already knew the date and that they were being invited. Family & close friends will know this so you should be ok. You could always send a save the date to people so they know for sure.
Alexam Posts: 1
Our Venue gave us access to a Wedding site called Moposa (it's free to sign up), where you could send Save the Date text messages for free. We included a link to our wedding website (you can create this on the Moposa site) where we provided booking details for the guests so they could book rooms in advance. Hope this helps!