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shocked22 Posts: 511
Just wondering does anyone know if you can have a meal or a drink in a hotel you are staying in on Good Friday? We are hoping to get away for a few days after the wedding and one of the nights will be Good Friday! Is there any point going away then or would we be better off waiting until after Easter?
lolli Posts: 47
if you are staying in a hotel on good friday you can eat and drink on the premises as you are a resident there on that day some hotels may charge it to your room as they cannot technically exchange cash for alcohol on the day generally all guests eat in on that night
shocked22 Posts: 511
Thanks for that Lolli :thnk I'd hate to be away for a few days and have to spend the day in the hotel with nowhere to eat or drink....mind you we'll be newlyweds so I'm sure we'd find something to do!! :-8 Think I'll go ahead and book the hotel so.
May09Bride Posts: 1050
Hi Ya We stayed in one the Carlton hotels last easter and they would only serve dinks in their reception, they didnt open the bar area at all, and it was weird sitting in the reception drinking. Worth checking with the Hotel your staying at first to see what their policy is, we were told that was there policy and they didnt open the resturant either, we ate our Good friday meal in the reception. HTH
honeyec Posts: 969
I'm having my hens on Good Friday and Easter Saturday and one of the reasons was that no-one is ever doing anything on Good Friday anyway, so we can have a few drinks and a bite to eat in the hotel that night, and then go out fo a bit more of a session on Saturday.
shocked22 Posts: 511
That's a great idea Honeyec! At least that way you know that no one will be very hungover for the second night!! may09bride, thanks for your reply. I think I might give the hotel a buzz and see what their policy is. Don't particularly fancy sitting in reception eating and drinking either!
s wife Posts: 1445
me and my friends always go away on good friday when you are booking hotels ask them before you book as sometimes they can be pretty strict ,we stayed in the kilford arms last year and it was fantastic people dancing on bars pee eyed on a Good Friday it was brill,but the year before the marriott in johnstown were not going to open their bar untill we kicked up a fuss as we had been told before the booking that it would be opened
Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
would deffo check with the hotel before booking. They will serve you alcohol, but you need to confirm their bar-opening policy.