Hotels in or near North Cork

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a_happier_me Posts: 112
H2B and I are having a civil ceremony in Cork. We want to stay on either the north side of the city or Mallow, as we're flying out of Shannon the following day. We're going down there this weekend to suss-out the wedding room at the registry office, and want to check out the nearby hotels....Any suggestions? We're not afraid to spend a few bob to get a nice place, but don't want to break the bank at the same time.....
bruna Posts: 133
The springford hall in mallow is absolutely gorgous............ They do a really good deal and it is has lovely grounds....... Theres the imperial, silversprings is fab aswell......... The vienna woods is just done up and has a really good look.......... they are the ones that i looked at when we were on the hunt.......... Oh theres the radisson aswell but that didnt do it for me cause the guy who met us was way to starchy...... It depends really on how many are going to be there............ Good luck :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
broodygirl Posts: 148
Springfort Hall, Mallow - fab for weddings Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel - hotel itself could do with updating but wedding service is brilliant. Silversprings Moran Hotel If you don't mind city centre - Imperial Hotel, or Clarion If you might consider southside - Maryborough is always fab for weddings
spanishbride08 Posts: 413
I was at a function in the Vienna Woods recently, and it was lovely. The function room is all done up recently, and they have smaller rooms as well if you were having a smaller group (the Oak Room is very intimate for a small group). The Ramada Hotel is just outside Blarney as well, haven't been there myself but it's meant to be nice.
a_happier_me Posts: 112
:wv Thanks girls!! What we're really looking for is not the venue to have the wedding or party afterwards...Just a nice hotel for the two of us and the couple who are witnessing the marriage to stay in the night before...and the night of the actual ceremony. Don't really think south Cork suits...I think that would make the drive to Shannon too long of a stretch to drive with the possibility of hangovers :o0