House alarm question?

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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
We have a house alarm, pretty standard (not an eircom/phone monitored one) and to set it when we are going out we press 0hash4 and at night its 0hash7 or if we want the windows to be open its 0hash8... Now my question is that dh leaves for work at 5 am and I hate the fact that there is no alarm on when he leaves, if he was to turn it on as if we were all going out it'd beep for 40 seconds and wake the baby and then when I opened my bedroom door the sensors would go off and the alarm would set off....he cannot press the 0hash7 setting as if we were going to bed as he cannot open the front door while doing that or it wont set so is there another code he could set? I think they are pretty universal as any alarm for family/friends that I have set has always been 0hash4 when im leaving thanks
Salander Posts: 1639
em could you get out of bed and set it? i know thats the last thing you want to do but - I can't sleep if the alarm isn't on. and ours has a little speaker bit I put my hand over so you can't hear the beeps/voice. Ours talks to us!
mushypea39 Posts: 69
It sounds the same as our HKC alarm I found this user manual online ... Manual.pdf It seems that you can inhibit certains zones - maybe you husband could set the alarm but inhibit the front door and PIR (sensor). You would need to find out what way your zones are labelled. also, some of the settings done't make any noise. Like the other poster, we cover the speaker bit at night and in the morning so the 'Sytem Arming' and 'System Unset' voice cannot be heard :o0 You could also look into maybe a remote control for the alarm? In our last house, the previous owners had an alarm installed and there was a remote control in the bedroom which was very handy....
wifin Posts: 4761
We have the same one but we must have it set up differently. DH unsets the alarm when he gets up to let the dogs out etc but then when he is leaving, he just does 0#7 and it just says 'system arming' which to be honest I never hear. We can walk around using 0#7, we just can't open the doors or windows. I would feel very jittery without our alarm on after DH leaves, the house two doors down was broken into a few weeks ago ;o(
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
We have same system but usually only use 0#7 if OH is away for night. If we are both in, we get up together anyways. [quote="wifĂ­n":3epsxuc8]when he is leaving, he just does 0#7 and it just says 'system arming' which to be honest I never hear. We can walk around using 0#7, we just can't open the doors or windows.[/quote:3epsxuc8] But how does he get out the front door without setting it off? Like you said, we use 0#7 when we are inside, but if OH set that and left the house, would him opening / closing the door not set it off? I'll look at our manual over the weekend, and see if I can figure it out. Have meant to check this before and forgot :-8
wifin Posts: 4761
When you do 0#7 and it says 'system arming', you have about 20 seconds to open the front door, leave and lock it again
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Thanks for that, I'll give it a go later! Better to try these things during the day :o0
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Thats great ill try that later! There's just no way id be getting up at 5 to go down and set it-id never go back to sleep! That system arming man is so annoying! We cover the speaker too, I wonder if you put a plaster or something over the speaker woould it muffle him! Btw ive no hash key on my laptop-not that i can see anyway
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
I think there is a way of recording your own message- could you get rid of system arming man that way?? (imagine that was your job- to be the voice on an alarm system...) Hash is beside the return button, but maybe differs on a laptop.
CestMoi Posts: 2162
We had that kinda system a while back, I remember it was something like 0#7 *5* or something like this, and the *5* bit was to exclude area 5, which I think was the landing beam or windows or something. If you can find out what area your front door is then try that. But on our system now we have one button if your going out and one button if your staying in. We can press the 'saying in' button to disable some zones but we also use it some times if we are leaving the dog inside and want to put the alarm on without him setting it off. So I would try during the day time getting your DH to try 0#7 and then go out the door and close the door as if he was leaving. Just to see if this would set off the alarm with the front, or maybe it doesn't get set immediately so he would have a few seconds to set it and get out?