House Ins Renewal - strange ?

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zoesmama Posts: 2774
Have been with the same Ins Co for the House Ins for a few years now. Got the renewal quote last week and did what I usually do and rang around / went online to find quotes, then picked the lowest one and then called the Ins Co back and asked them to match it. Normally they do match it which is why we haven't switched in a few years. However now they won't match the lowest quote which is approx €100 lower. So I said that was fine and that we would be switching. So the guy on the phone then said that he would need to speak to my partner on the phone before switching to be sure that was what he wants too. Now I have always dealt with all the Insurances for both of us and regularly switch for Health, both Cars, Home and Travel Ins for both of us and DH has never dealt with any of that. So I said that to him and he said he would still need to speak to him if we were not going to renew. So I said that we would not renew and would just go with the other Co and he said that if he did not speak to my Partner and we just let the Ins finish and did not renew that he would issue a Cancellation letter and that would affect us if we are looking for Ins in the future. Has anyone ever heard of this ? Normally if I switch I just tell the first Ins Co on the phone - no need for DH to call etc . And he kept using the word "Partner" although DH is clearly my Husband and I was referring to him as that O:|
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
It is strange that the insurance company would need clarification from your husband. I know whoever holds your mortgage would need both your signatures when processing the change on their records though. I know we recently changed insurance company and this is all we had to do.
bee0606 Posts: 691
Can't really comment on the speaking to your partner bit but what ever point he was trying to make about issuing the cancellation letter and affecting future insurance is rubbish. You are perfectly entitled to not renew and switch insurance companies every year if you want (that's what I do)
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
I wouldnt worry about, I switched my insurance one year without telling the insurance company (I just insured with another company before my old insurance ran out and then didnt renew with the old company. I did get a letter from the old insurance company which said they had notified my bank I had not renewed and as far as the insurance company was concerneded / aware my house wasnt insured. I just sent a letter to the bank to say I had changed insurance and the house was insured - there was no problem and I never heard a thing from the bank. I think the wanting to talk to your DH is their attempt to keep you. If they wont match your quote, tell them you are not renewing - end of conversation. You are free to swap insurance each year if you want, they dont need to talk to your DH.
Sweet as pie Posts: 376
Is the insurance in only your husbands name or are you name on it too, if you are named on it too he should be able to deal with you. In any case did you pay by direct debit last year if you did they can go ahead and renew by direct debit automatically this year unless you ring them to say you are not going ahead with it. If you pay in full you dont need to do anything just dont pay it and it will cancel it out itself at renewal date, you will get a letter in post a few days later saying your policy is no longer active and that is that it will not affect any other insurance you will get in future you are entitled to renew with a new company every year if you want to. But if you did pay by direct debit and the policy is in only your husbands name just send in a letter/email saying that you are not renewing the policy and get your husband to sign it.
zoesmama Posts: 2774
Both Names on the Ins but we did pay by DD - for the first time actually - normally we pay it in one lump sum. I will put it in writing that we won't be renewing. However, I have never come across this before and I even normally renew and switch DH's car Ins which would be in his sole name.
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
Cancel the direct debit with your bank to make sure they don't collect the premium on it. Best if both of you sign the cancelation instruction also to make sure they accept it.