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Hawaiian Posts: 308
Hi Does anyone know how much it costs to get the house insulated I have been searching on google alot of the day trying to find someone and can't Help please!
Her Indoors Posts: 133
What do you need doing? If it's just attic insulation you could do that yourself - just buy the rolls from B&Q or wherever. They should be having special offers this time of year.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Do you mean attic insulation? If so, Stira do it, they will also floor it with plywood to let you get the full use of the attic for storage, not sure if you would need the folding attic stairs with it though as all the materials would have to go through the hatch and this is easier when the Stira is fitted, they are a great job.
Hawaiian Posts: 308
Its actually the whole house I think not even sure!
pattie Posts: 2379
Have you cavity walls? You can get these pumped with styrofoam beads, about €1000 for your standard 3 bed semi. If your house was built in the 60s or 70s you could well have hollow cavity walls. If it's older then you probably don't have a cavity and have to put the insulation on either the inside or outside of the walls and you'd need a builder and plasterer. As well as the attic you can insulate your ground floor pretty easily. There is a super-thin insulation (can ask DH for the name if you're interested) that you lay on the existing boards and you can lay a new floor on top.
knitter Posts: 183
You are wasting your money by flooring an attic which has been insulated. The insulation works by being plumped up which means it holds air - its the air that acts as the insulation. If you compact it down with flooring then the insulation looses most of its effectiveness. We are in the process of moving all our stuff in one attic into the other attic and taking up the flooring in the empty attic. We have insulated under our floorboards downstairs and it has made a big difference. We have an old Victorian house so there is a 4 foot drop between the floorboards and the ground so dh spent a weekend crawling under the floor and nailing on the insulation. I am now thinking of getting a velvet curtain made to hang on the back of the front door to keep out drafts. I'm on a mission!!!
pattie Posts: 2379
Knitter, I think they can lay the attic insulation between the joists so that the flooring then laid on top of the joists doesn't squash the insulation. But there are other types that would be resistant to squashing also, like Kingspan. Anyway, if you use the regular fibreglass type and don't get the flooring you can't use your attic for storage as boxes placed on the fibreglass will squeeze the air out of it alright.