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aug07mum2b Posts: 54
Hi Girls, Just checking in to see how you are all getting along? Im due 6th August and can't wait now! Bag is packed and nursery is all set up ready to go. Trying to stay way from shops at lunchtime, I have moved on from being obsessed with maternity clothes (which always look better on in the shop!) to becoming obsessed with buying baby clothes Im such a sucker. Im feeling good myself starting to slow down a little, not feeling the tiredness I felt in first trimester thank god!! Sleeping is a bit of pain between trips to the loo and the little one squashing my organs! Finding it difficult to get comfortable so waking alot, but as they say its mother natures way of preparing you so Im not complaining at all. Would love to hear how you are all getting along! So write back if you get a chance. Best of luck over the next few weeks ladies! :)
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hi fellow Aug m2b!!! How are you? I am coming along great due 3rd of Aug, cant believe its just over 5wks, havent my hosp bag packed yet just one or two more things to buy for it then I will pack it. Have most things got for babs, ordering my pram next week, finding it so hard to buy clothes because we dont know what were having so once babs is born my mum will get some pink or blue clothes!!! Have you any names picked yet? We really dont know what were going to name babs, finding this really hard to decide!!! Take Care Lucy
aug07mum2b Posts: 54
Hi Mrs Lucy Still deciding on names, have a few but will decide for defo when babs arrives! We are the same don't know sex and Im dying to get little coloured outfits!! But its right to wait! We are just waiting on our pram to arrive now, can't wait as really need to figure out again how to use it before baby comes! I really have pregnancy brain! Can't believe how quickly time has flown by, its a little daunting now the closer it gets. Had to stop myself reading those books about routines etc. really freak me out. Im hoping instinct will kick in!