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Skippy Posts: 1834
I am 23 weeks and a bit myself. So far so good, my only real complaint is that my left ear keeps filling up and gives me a headache and makes me dizzy. The doctor gave me antibiotics but it hasn't really helped so I am off to see an Audiologist in May for a hearing test. DH is delighted, he has been telling me since we meet that I am deaf :o0 :o0 The child is kicking like a mad thing, I can feel it on the outside but not always. DH has only felt it once so it is not as exciting for him. In fact I would go so far as to say I think he might be feeling a bit left out. But Ihad a chat with him last night as I thought he was a bit off lately and it turns out work is really shit for him at the moment so maybe that explains why he is not as interested in the babies kicks as me. But then again this morning when he kissed me goodbye he called me his little bump carrier! So cute.... :o0 I have actually started a job last week, up to now I haven't been working since we moved here. We moved in August to the countryside and I was having the life of Reilly but a friend of mine has set up a call centre doing surveys so I have been doing a few shifts for her. Tis grand and handy! I must say hats off to you ladies who work, have children and are currently pregnant, you are effing superwomen in my book. I really do not know how you do it. I'm not having any cravings, but eating tons of egg mayo sandwiches yum! Have only been sick once, on the Easter weekend, which was a bit mortofying as we were staying with mates by the sea and I had a huge vomit, I mean it was prolific! At about 2.30 am. I had to get a cleaning kit out afterwards, I was so morto. You should have seen the looks on the two dogs faces after I came out of the toilet, they were stunned! I managed to make it to the laundry toilet where the dogs were sleeping and they were scratching on the door to be let in but when I came out of the toilet 15 mins later there was silence all round, they just sat on their mats looking up at me as if to say "Oh Jesus, what was that!". My friends say they didn't hear me but I very much doubt that.! :o0 :o0 So how goes it with you ladies? Did anyone find out the sex at their 20 week scan? We didn't but I reckon it is a boy so Daniel it is. BTW I was talking to a friend who is 2 weeks ahead of me and we got onto names. I had told her my fav boy and girl names but when it came to her turn she wouldn't tell me! I was really surprised, she says we don't have the same names picked but I still think it's odd that she won't tell me. Anyone else keeping their names to themselves? xxxx Skips
jen2 Posts: 3106
Hey skippy, Im 23 weeks and 4 days too. Baby due 11th or 15th August. I have 2 different dates. My situation is different from yours. I have been having a really bad pregnancy. I have kidney stones, and have had 3 operations, and currently have a stent going from my kidney to bladder. I will be having the baby on 23rd of July. 3 weeks early. They will induce me. In saying that I wne tinto labour just under 8 months on my DS so they think I may go early again on this baba. Its so exciting being pregnant. Your lucky you have been sick so little. I was sick up till 16 weeks this time. And my best friend was sick for the entire pregnancy. I would hate that. I have not found out the sex of the baby, as I have one of each already, so I dont mind. With regards the names, I am telling people a few names we like, but not the deffinates. I told my neighbour one of my boy names that I really like. 3 weeks later she told me that if she has a boy she is calling her son this name. So I have learnt my lesson. She is 5 weeks ahead of me. Hope you are enjoying the pregnacy. Jen2
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hey Girls, I am 24 weeks & 5 days due 3rd of Aug, I had really bad pregnancy sickness that has passed a bit now, still a bit sick only maybe once or twice a week so its grand. I am feeling loads of movement, dh can feel it too its such a good feeling makes me smile alot. We had our big scan at 22wks and didn't find out what were having want a surprise, both of us have thought boy from the start but we don't mind. The only thing is I havent a boys name thought of yet, have loads of girls names, like Ava, Eva, Evie, Alyssa, Cassie, Lily-Ella, Elle, but no definites!!! Have my next scan at 29wks so looking forward to that. Looking into prams and things at the moment although don't want to buy too much too soon!!!! Take Care all the other August Mum's!!!! Lucy
Skippy Posts: 1834
Ah girls I am so sorry to hear things have been rough for ye. I had a shite first trimester, I lost 5 pounds but thank God it faded away by week 14. I am really lucky when I read posts like yours, you don't even realise the half of what can go wrong. No more complaining about the odd vomit. [quote:16u2mz6y] I told my neighbour one of my boy names that I really like. 3 weeks later she told me that if she has a boy she is calling her son this name. So I have learnt my lesson. She is 5 weeks ahead of me. [/quote:16u2mz6y] :eek :eek It never occured to me that people could take my name! Wow some people have a cheek.