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Spoon Posts: 207
have you any symptoms, how r u feeling? Have you been to the doctors? :o)ll
Anon only for this Posts: 36
Hey Spoon! I'm fine. Apart from very sore boobies!!! No other symptoms yet. How bout you?
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Due on 3rd Sep. Got a BFP on Christmas Eve. Over the moon! Went to Doc on 27th Dec - he gave me a big hug!. Feeling very tired from time to time, sore boobs and slightly nauceous before lunch (but could be due to hunger pangs!)
Spoon Posts: 207
Going by my dates i am due 2nd Sep, I am going to the docotr this evening to get all confirmed! i have tender boobs! and extremely tired!!!
CAWM Posts: 1
Hi Girls I have sore boobs and tiredness, due date 4th Sept.
olivia07 Posts: 73
Hi My due date that the doctor gave me was the 27th Aug but I reckon I really am the first week in Sept. Am still getting used to the whole thing. I get tired in the afternoon. I have lost my appetite and my hubby reckons my boobs are gettin bigger already! Findin it really hard not telling everyone, really wish I was further on.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Can I join ye :o)ll Due on Sept 10, which is my oldest newpew's bday so he's going to be really pleased when I tell him. Tender boobs, period like tummy but apart from that I'm grand. Still running on a high I think!! Went to the Dr this morning, now just have to choose a hospital - Rotunda I think for me simply cause it's the nearest to where we live. I'm floating round the place since yesterday, not getting much work done :-8
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Olivia, I agree with you that it's hard not telling people. We're going to wait till 12-14 weeks for the family anyhow. I did tell my best friend though who lives abroad - just had to :-8
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
I am feeling tired with more a tingling in my boobs than soreness......had cramp like pains last few days but eased up today!!!As with you all I am on a high and just want to tell everyone i meet!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll no morning sickness yet but it is still early days!!! When do you tell work colleagues - I work in small office with 5 people....not sure what to do - suppose it will depend on symptoms and size of belly - though my belly is rounded at best so hopefully no remarks will be passed!!! I have even names picked out - had these picked a while ago Girl Ella, Megan, Rhian, Leah Boy John, Ethan, Mark, Calum
Tigletts Posts: 2904
I work for a big company, so will wait until the first scan to tell them. Please god all going well until then and not being sick or anything.