How big is your BUMP??

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december06bride Posts: 245
I am 17 weeks pregant and i dont really have a bump at all. I am out of ally my ordinary jeans and in bigger size ones now but everyone keeps saying to me god you dont look pregnant at all and i am beginning to get worried now. Is anyone out there at the same stage as me??
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hi, I'm a few weeks further on than yourself, but when I told work and freinds at about 17 weeks, they were really surprised saying they'd never have guessed. Even now at 20 weeks, you wouldn't really know I was pregnant unless you knew me really well and I was wearing something fairly fitted - you could definitely still think my 'bump' was just a bit of excess weight round my middle. Don't worry, everyone is different. THere's a girl here in work who is 30weeks pregnant and if I didn't even know till a few weeks ago - she's only just starting to show now.
sally Posts: 1140
I was tiny till about 20 weeks and then it just exploded. Am pretty big now and dreading what ill be like by the end as my back is sore already. Enjoy your little bump for the moment, Im getting to the stage where hubby has to pull me off the couch.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
From about 18 weeks to 20 weeks i just grew, i was still in my regular work trousers until last week (size 8), now im wearing size 10 river island loose trousers. You can see my bump but if i was wearing a jumper and you didnt know me you may not know.
pluto Posts: 3893
Obviously I don't have one yet at 4 weeks 2 days lol! But just wanted to say everybody is so different when it comes to size of bumps. I remember my neighbour called in to tell me she was pregnant and I knew as soon a I saw her, she was only just 3 months and she had a fair sized bump....then at 5 months she looked like she was ready to pop! But a girl in work with me at 5 months still didn't have much of a bump. I think it depends on someones build really. Don't take any notice of the people who comment on it. I don't think they should really, coz some people are very sensitive about the size of their bumps, whether they be huuuge or tiny. A fortune teller told me before that I was going to have huge babies and that I wouldn't be able to hide my pregnancies for long. So I'm waiting to balloon any day now!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
It depends on how much weight you have put on,if your retaining fluid etc...I felt really big early on as I was severely bloated,no im more rounded which really only changed when I hit 28wks or all depends! Now I look like Im about to pop at any stage and ive 8wks left :eek ive gained alot of weight
2006wedding Posts: 965
i am 14 weeks on sat, still wearing my normal clothes although a couple of pairs of trousers are too tight so have been put aside! in the mornings i look same as usual but with a small bump down low. However come the evening time my stomach bloats out and everyone is saying oh i think i can see your bump, but they are actually just seeing a VERY bloated stomach as my 'bump' is still low down and not really visible when i dressed.
2006wedding Posts: 965
sorry duplicate! *)
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
I got married when I was 18 weeks pregnant and I told some people at the wedding that were gobsmacked as I didn't really look pregnant. My dress was quite fitted so hid any bit of a bump. When I came back from honeymoon all of a sudden a bump had appeared. I really didn't look pregnant until about 22 weeks. Now I'm waddling like mother hen!! :o0 :o0
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I was showing at three months! I was showing more at three months this time than I was at six months the last time but they say you get bigger quicker with each pregnancy, don't know how true that is! I'm all bump really now but its HUGE and people visibly gasp when I say I've ten weeks left.