How did fussy eaters manage their diet during pregnancy?

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Wedding?? Posts: 452
Just get on with and start munching???? I eat very little fruit or veg - if any... In the past I've taken Knorr Vies to try and balance out ... This is the only layer of the food pyrimad that I don't do!... Interested to know how other fussy eaters adapt. (I only got a positive on First Response on Friday - going to dr tonight)! Im nervous about everything at the moment!.. Only me and the hubby know - and I told my sister today.. had to tell someone!... How long did others wait to let their parents know?... 12 weeks seems to be the norm from posts / information I've read...
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Congrats on your pregnancy!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I eat some fruit & veg but my diet wouldn't be brilliant or hugely varied so I took pregnacare with added omega. I went for the added omega one because I'm not a huge fan of fish. HTH :wv ETA: Just saw the end of your post there. I told my mother when I was only about 6 weeks pregnant, I was up home New Yrs day & she was trying to get us to stay the night so we could both have a drink. It was easier to just tell her. Didn't tell my dad or parents in law as they wouldn't have been able to keep it to themselves. Told them around the 11 week mark.
Daff Posts: 11644
Congrats on the BFP!!! I’m a veggie who doesn’t eat vegetables! I make a veggie soup every Sunday and freeze it into portions for my lunch in work. Then at least if I get that into me I know I’ve done something. I put carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, lentils (high in protein!), onions, garlic corn, and tomatoes in it. You can buy multi bags of veg frozen, throw it in a pan with water, add veggie stock and let it cook lightly (not too much they say the nutrients can be damaged in boiling). Then I blend it all up and put in small containers. I have one each day with a bagel and cheese spread at lunch. Also I would highly recommend Pregnacare tablets, take them daily with a glass of orange juice. I don’t much iron rich foods, but these have iron in them (very important to have iron in pregnancy) and the vitamin C absorbs it in the orange juice. My bloods were fine two weeks ago, I was in shock! Don’t worry to much about it, as you’ll grow through phases of being able to eat certain things, or having cravings for other things. But try and get one good meal into you a day! I told my Dad at 7 weeks (Mum passed away nearly three years so really wanted to share it with him) and we told DH’s parents at 10 weeks as they were off on hols. Told a few friends early on as they had kids and I needed help and advice. Then we officially made it public at 12 weeks. I’d an early dating scan at 7 weeks, and another scan at 12 weeks. For the second one we got a great video and was able to show everyone the baby at this stage, so that was really exciting
Wedding?? Posts: 452
Hey Girls, cheers for the responses... Went to the Dr. today.. she confirmed that I AM PREGNANT.... We are v. lucky - I had expected a longer journey to BFP..... Being 35 and my first ever pregnancy - I discovered the fertility calculator in TCC and used that.. and it worked.... The dr said I was extremely lucky, she was only after having her own child - took 5 years... She recommended to keep taking the folic acid and I told her I was a fussy eater and she told me about the pregnacare aswell. I might give the Veggie smoothie idea a go... feel like gagging already *L*.. xx
justwed09 Posts: 2349
welcome wedding?? such an exciting time ahead for you. Daffodil bride, that video clip is so cool, its unreal!!! im a fussy eater too, i take omegamum as a vitamin, the chemist said her gyne recommended them when she was pregnant last year so i started taking them as i dont eat any fish at all. i try to eat fruit every day but only manage veg about 3 times a week. going to start making soups now this week so at least that will be something extra.
MrsMOR Posts: 17
Congrats Wedding... great news. I am also a fussy eater who hates vegs but can manage fruit. I have also been really sick since week 6 and now at week 16 to the point I eat anything that will stay down. I have been taking santogen mother to be vitamins. I did mention to my doc that i was concerned that i didn't eat veg and she told me to take a pregnance vitamin. I also try and mash some veg into my potatoes to get them down and also make vegetable soup if i can stomach the smell as it cooks...
tilsun Posts: 4506
Congrats wedding on your pregnancy I've had terrible constipation almost from day one so need the fibre from fruit and veg. I make the soup and stir fries. I actually like veg but struggle with fruit. I pick the ones I like, strawberries grapes and kiwis and just eat as much of these as I can mange.
Wedding?? Posts: 452
Howdy all. Have to say, I've not changed my diet at all since getting pregnant! However, Ive increased my intake of milk (eating cereal most days!) drowned in milk, some times twice a day!... Even drinking some Avonmore Choc Milk the odd time... Making sure I have a portion of fish/beef/chicken for main meals every week... (still no veg!!) and drinking Tropicana Orange juice most days aswell! Since im now over the first trimester - my appetite is hearty to say the least, I could eat a horse!!.. so different from first 3 months, where i found it a chore eating!!! i had my first apt in Holles Street last week and it went well and quick... all the midwives/nurses were lovely... I was expecting HELL - from some of the posts about going public... the consultant even did a scan when we were there - he had one in his room (I have my scan apt next week!")... I did one privately at 8 weeks - so next weeks will be the third one.. yee haw.. have to say the scans are the best...