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hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
Hi ladies, I'm just wondering, how did it physically feel when you first fell pregnant - apart from all the usual symptoms (sore boobs etc). was there anything else that made you think "I'm pregnant" before you knew for sure? I hear friends say they just felt different? Thanks, Hx
Loops Posts: 287
Hi I'm 8 weeks pg now.. I just had sore boobs and was tired which wasn't anything different to being due my period. the only real sign I was pregnant was my late period. Best of luck to you !!!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I had that 'feeling' that people talk about! It was weird, really hard to explain but I was just really confident deep down that I was going to get a BFP!
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
I was just quite crampy like AF was going to arrive, I really thought I was out again that month, I got a shock when it was bfp! The early stage of the pregnancy I was just extremely tired like I've never felt before!
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I was exhausted tired the weekend I did the test, falling asleep after dinner on the couch. One day, driving into work, I got this weird metallic taste in the back of my mouth and a lightbulb kinda went off in my head thinking "could I be?!" - tested that weekend and got bfp! Had all the cramping though as if my period was due any minute, that's the only other symptom I had at the very start.
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
Thanks girls - I do find it ironic that mother nature sends us the same symptoms for TOTM as she does for pregnancy symptoms!! I've been in for a blood test on my Day 21 to see if I'm ovulating and acc. to the results I'm not, but sure they could have got it wrong (wrong timing etc). We did the deed 4 times during what I think is the right week, so I'm hoping against hope that it worked... Hx
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Good luck hopeful1973. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you. :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
Thanks kindanervous :thnk Hx
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
Hey hopeful 1973! really hope you get the answer you are hoping for!! The big thing for me that made me do the test was my appetite. I wouldn't be the kind of person normally who has any interest in food, wouldn't be the greatest eater and suddenly I became OBSESSED by food. I had to have 3 serious meals a day and I wanted roast dinners and that type of meal - my least favourite ever before! So I did a test and got my BFP! Fingers crossed for you :thnk
honey pot Posts: 210
The tiredness and the metalic taste in my mouth did it for me too.... I went through so many different emotions the first 8 weeks.... I really have to say it's so exciting but it's also hard as it's an emotional rollacoster... Best of luck. Honey pot