How did you ask your bridesmaids

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi girls I am planning on asking my bridesmaids (finally decided on who!) this weekend but was wondering, do you just come out and say it or did anyone have a novel way of asking them? i was thinking of giving them a thankyou for being my bridesmaid card and asking them this way??? im just a very nervous person & if I was to just say it, i would be nervouse for a few days before I ask them !!
Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
I was out with a group a friends just after I got engaged. One of my friends said to my best friend 'so are you going to be Mrs Magoo's bridesmaid'. And we both looked at each other and said 'of course'. It was a bit awkward and really funny at the same time but worked out great. I asked my other bridesmaid straight out and she was thrilled aswell.
sue27 Posts: 604
We were out for a meal (just a bunch of girls) and we got talking about weddings (she was getting married the following November, her cousin was the BM, our wedding was the June after that), and I said to myself, I might as well ask her now. So, I said "While we are talking about weddings, there was something I wanted to ask you" and all the girls looking at me, and I said "Would you be my bridesmaid?" and next thing you know they all started crying :o0 It wasn't planned but turned out such a lovely moment. *)
MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
i bought a nice blank card and thanked her for being my friend through the years and would she be my bridesmaid, thought it was nice
MrsKA Posts: 878
I wouldn't ask until closer the wedding. I was glad I waited cause one of my best friends I was going to ask to be BM but I was waiting until it was exactly a year to the wedding. It was a few weeks before it was a year to my wedding and she got engaged and decided to hold her wedding the week after mine knowing I couldn't go cause I was on Honeymoon. I was so upset about this and so glad I hadn't asked her sooner. I wanted her to be part of my bridal party but she didn't even care if I wasn't at her wedding. I was so hurt and upset it has taken me a long time to get over it. I decided to have just the two BMs then my sis and another friend. So be warned you may be friends with these people forever but they let you down. Another friend I considered having as BM really but decided against it. She really let me down on my hen night. Just sat there all night with a puss on her and all my other friends that never met her was like whats her problem. So when it comes to weddings people just let you down and act so strangly. Well that's what I thought.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
thanks for that girls. I am going to have my sister in law who is already married and my friends daughter who will be 16 at the time so neither of them can announce their wedding is going to be before my day!! :o0 :o0
Anonymous Posts: 24542
gosh i kind of blush when i think about it. my best friend and i always had this joke that as neither of us had sisters we'd have to be each others bridesmaids. when it came to it, h2b popped the question and we decided to say nothing until we had sorted out what we wanted to do wedding wise etc. anyway she called up the next morning cause we were due to go shopping and i didn't want to cancel on her. i was in such a tizzy when she arrived i blurted it out to her and said "so i hope you're all ready to be lady in waiting". she was kind of appointed more than asked! i did subsequently reflect on it and feel bad and so said sorry to her for the way i handled it but liek a good bridesmaid she told me not to be ridiculous, it couldn't have been anyone else! reckon it'll be a funny story to start off with when i'm thanking her (if i decide to make a speech. which i probably will cause i can't not have my say!)
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
I dont want to put a dampner on your excitment but like the last post I had a similiar thing happen!! I got engaged a year ago (so I will be engaged 2 years wen we get married) I live in meath at the moment and I was really good friends with a girl here and I soooo badly wanted her as my chief bridesmaid but I decided to hold off a while before I asked her (i dont know why but I held off) Thank god I didnt coz we no longer really speak. The friendship just sort of came to an end. Its too early to ask people to be bridesmaids unless its family and things really shouldnt change there. I ask my 2 sisters straight away!! I asked my best friend from back home to be my chief bridesmaid a couple of weeks ago and I just sorta came out with it and she was delighted, best decision i ever made changing my mind on who I wanted!!! Take your time and Enjoy the planning!!
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I asked my best friend about 2 minutes after I got engaged :o0 But about 2 months later I was talking with another friend about how we'd 3 guys (bestman and 2 groomsmen) and only 1 bridesmaid and how it would look off. I thought she might be offended cos I hadn't asked her straight away but she was delighted to be bridesmaid, and I asked another friend too. It all worked out in the end *)
noc Posts: 1802
If the wedding is a long way off maybe you should wait a bit unless it's family as another person said. I'm having 2 of my sisters so I just asked them on the phone at same time I was telling of engagement. I don't know about the 'Thanks for being my bridesmaid' card. That might make it look like you're not giving her a choice in the matter. If you want to do it by card a question on a blank card would be better I think. I was a BM only once but would be very reluctant to do it again. It feels like anything you do can cause unintentional offence e.g. going on holiday when it might not suit the B2B, not paying enough attention, or trying to get [i:3llels9w]too[/i:3llels9w] involved, not being able to relax at the wedding. It depends of course on the people concerned but I think it can be a burden sometimes so it's best to ask someone and say that it's all right for them to say no if they're not sure. Just my tuppence-worth