How did you know babs was turned right way?

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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, as heading suggests how did ye know if babs was turned right way??? Now apart from the obvious ie scan just wondering did any of you know, or can you know? My scan isn't until Fri next wk, but notice now I seem to be getting a foot up in my ribs under my boob. Well I presuming its a foot, but at my last scan babs was still transverse (is that right)? So just curious as to when your babs turns or how you'd know? Also if you had to have a section, which I really hope I won't have to, can your dh go in with you or do you go it alone? Prob sounds silly question but something I always wondered? :wv
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Dunno about telling what way baba is. On the section thing. They would bring you in alone for spinal/epidural, once you are ready they bring your DH in.
adelz Posts: 3088
O right ok, thanks for that, I often wondered about that. When you say spinal / epidural, is it not all the same??
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Ya your hubbie can go in wit you to the section, a spinal is stronger but only lasts an hour (dont worry a section will be all over before the hour!) but it goes in the same way as an epidural. I was sure dd was head down at 32 weeks as i could feel a lot of pressure down low but she was breech and stayed that way so i had a section. As she got bigger i was able to tell where her head was!
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks for that, I do feel pressure down low but there is something telling me its breeched! O well just have to wait til fri so thanks, didn't know if there was a way in knowing or not etc. Thanks girls :wv
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Baby can turn anything up to 36 weeks even sometime 38 weeks. Most doctors/midwives can tell what way baby is just by feeling it. You DH will be allow in for C-Section unless it's an emergency C-Section where they don't have time for your DH to scrub in or where you are put asleep.