How do I control my weight gain?

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mumodone Posts: 396
Hi Everyone , I am 20 weeks pregnant today and weighted myself yesterday and I have gained 1and a half stone I cant beleive it , I am fairly active get out for a 45 to hour walk at leat 5 times a week and have started swimming , trying to avoid all the junk food , so I dont know where I am going wrong does anyone have any advise or tips to help me out, any help would be greatly apreciated.
MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
viewtopic.php?f=19&t=320651 Have a look at this recent thread, im a wk ahead and have put on 1 st 3 lbs its all bump.. its normal to have on that amount you are 5 mths preggers. As long as baby is ok dont worry about weight. you are excercising and eating well. nothing more you can do.Just enjoy it :wv
pag Posts: 633
Ttcwithpatience, you really can't tell if you put on too much weight until the very end as you may find that you will be slower to put on weight for the next few weeks and then have another spurt at the end. Or may not put anything on for a few weeks and get stressed because of that. Some people put on loads of weight in the first trimester and then v little as time goes on. Others (like me) were the other way round. Also it completely depends on your starting weight and frame - if you were slightly underweight your body is going to put on more as padding to sustain the pregnancy. The important thing is to keep active and try to eat as healthy as you can. Also worth mentioning to your doctor/midwife at your next apt. By 20wks on DD I had put on 7 lbs but then very soon after I started putting on weight and put on a lb (or two :eek ) every week so ended up with about 30lbs on in total. I was doing yoga, pilates, walking and swimming and was as active as before. I was disgusted but all was baby and most was gone by 6weeks pp. Keep remembering ' your body knows what she is doing.'
posadh2010 Posts: 80
I know how you feel ttcwithpatience. This should make you feel better tho- I'm only 8 and half wks pregnant and I have half a stone on. I just ate a huge lunch and when I looked at myself there in the mirror I look about 20 wks gone! I work very hard to keep my weight down...took me a long time to reach and maintain my ideal weight and I am so sad seeing the scales creeping up- especially since it says in all the books that the most I should have on at this stage is a couple of pounds. I'm secretely hoping its twins cos that'll be the only explanation as to why Im so big other than just eating too much!! i have a total bread belly now and its really getting me down :o( Thought I would enjoy getting big when pregnant but I just have this sinking feeling that my weight gain is gonna spiral out of all control....
mumodone Posts: 396
Thanks everyone for your comments, Maybe your right it will slow down now, its just Ive never had a problem with my weight before and am not eating much more than I was before I got pregnant and I think I am excersising more than before, but of course as long as baby is good im happy , guess I'll go with the flow for now.