How do I get Child benefit paid into bank

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the winner Posts: 4148
Hi... Does anyone know how I would go about getting my child benefit paid into my bank account?? My DS is 6 so its not a 1st payment??? Ive tried find it online but no joy.. O:| Thx *)
sillymoo Posts: 337
i think you should give them a ring, i may not be much help cos i have mine paid into my bank account since my ds arrived 15 months ago
the winner Posts: 4148
Yeah i tried phone buts its always ringing out????? But will try again 2morrow:D Thx by d way :D
julybridezilla Posts: 158
i did it bout 2 years ago, if you look at the back of the child allow book theirs a address and you have to send it to them in writing, if you just put your pps number and your bank account number and sort code and sign the end, make sure to put your number in case they need to ring you
Oct2009Bride Posts: 30
All you need to do is give the social welfare your sort code & account number of where you bank and should be 100%. :thnk
the winner Posts: 4148
I will try phone again 2morrow... it was ringing out every time i tried today... i should have done it b4 they got rid of the book, think there as a form to fill in on it...:D anyways Thanks for posts:D