How do I get rid of water retention

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Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Me again, As posted before my stupid cycle has a mind of its own and I am now due AF on my wedding day O:| >:o( Not only does this mean that I will be in tatters with PMT but I also suffer terribly with water retention... does anyone have a remedy??? Cheers lay-deez..
mad woman Posts: 22106
drink lots of water, cut down on bread, dairy etc as they can make you bloated anyway and buy water/fluid retention tablets in the chemist and try not too drink too many fizzy drinks or eat really heavy food, also the actimel yogurts are good for bloating aswell. amd most of all dont worry!!!
bride. Posts: 3014
If you're on the pill you can avoid having it on your wedding day or you could talk to your doctor to see if there is anythign that could be done to avoid it if you're not on the pill. I know for me, I am exhausted when I have mine. I'd be too tired to be walking down any aisles. But, seeing as you asked about water retention I would defintely be drinking 3 litres of water a day in the week leading up to it, avoiding salt and dairy where possible. Best of luck, it's not long now!! :lol:
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
heard dandelion tea is very good
Tinkle Posts: 32
Anyone tried Apple Cider 600 tablets, its also got dandelion in it! I heard its good for water retention!!
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
hi yvonne, i was in the chemist recently looking at all the natural remedies to all sorts of things and there was pills there that you start taking a few days before your period is due to get rid of water retention. you should try them. i can't remember the name of them but i'll have a look in the chemist when i'm down town at lunch and see can i see them again.
irishmolly Posts: 173
My cousin is getting married at end of month and she was due to get hers too.....because she wants to start have children straight after wedding she went to doctor and she gave her some tablet to take morning of wedding so they wont come!!! So maybe its best if you just go and talk to the doctor and they s/he could advise you of the best way forward
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
I tried those water retention tablets coming up to my wedding and they definately worked for me. Diuretik is the name! You'll get them in Boots.
SanFranBride Posts: 212
I have heard that adding fresh lemon juice to your water should help also. Good luck.
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Thanks guys, I will certainly look around, really don't want a bloated belly, would certainly get the aunties chins wagging!! Will try all of your suggestions and them some, just to be sure ;) Did you find out that name Malibu?? Would like to add that to my shopping list too if possible ;)