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Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi Ladies hope yee are all well today.As from my last post after getting my AF so nearly finished now to back to the TTC again.Just wondering if anyone can help me find out the best time TTC I have a 28 day cycle and it was my first month off the pill TTC so I just hope over the christmas season that maybe we might have some good luck :o)ll would be nice to get a BFP for the new year.I kindof guess its the middle of my cycle so that would be 14 days or something ?Thanks girls babydust to all lets hope we get loads :wv
jen2 Posts: 3106
Ithink that would be about day 11-16. You can buy those fertility sticks. I did last month as it was our first month ttc. And hey presto Im pregnant. They come in a pack of 5. For a 28 day cycle, you use them from day 11. And for the next five days or less. Until it tells you you are good to go. Hope that helps. jen2
glade Posts: 278
You know EVE you took the words out of my mouth- i was going to ask about a 34 day cycle??? Really want to get it right this month- just finished AF too I tried temp monitoring and OPK last few months and nothing working yet!! O:| O:| O:|
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Thanks Jen 2 I must get those can you buy them in the chemist ? when do I count the days from when my AF started is it ? or is it when I finish my AF I presume its from the first day of AF.Thanks again and Congrats to you yee must be excited.I know Glade maybe we might have some luck this time I think you were the same as me this time round aswell awaiting AF etc.Best of luck loadsa babydust dunno where the girls get the little icon from sorry :thnk :o)ll :o)ll
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Ladies, I didn't try it but have heard that taking evening primrose oil capsules up to and including day of ovulation is great for your cervical mucus. You could google it
jen2 Posts: 3106
Eve you calculate from the day your AF starts. You can buy them in any chemist. Boots are the cheapest. BEst of luck. :babydust:
Magicwand Posts: 85
Check out the VHI Health calculators too - there is one for predicting your Ovulation date and if you have a regular cycle could be useful. Also, and without wanting to get too graphic - keep watching for changes to your cervical mucus !! Think there is a thread at the top of the pregnancy & babies section re Guide to TTC that gives info on this The very best of luck you :babydust:
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Thanks very much girls I will get that ovulation kit and try and make out my ovulation days as you told me to do. thanks again good luck to all TTC :wv
jellybean31 Posts: 4
Hi all, found this site, maybe of help to you ... im in the process of using it along with fertility/ovulation sticks ... fingers crossed:
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi jellybean 31 Great thanks for that site its great. :thnk