how do i tell parents

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rubybride Posts: 9
hi there i have this is my first time in the preg and babies section so hi all, ok i'll stop rambelling I did a preg test today and I'm preg very shocked and excited. however I'm getting married in 3 months which means I will be 4 months preg on the day of the fiance knows and is very supportive please don't get me wrong Iam so excited and very very happy but how am I going to keep it from our parents till after the wedding they will freak. my mother will worry non stop in case the dress doesnt fit or I'm sick on the day.etc etc . I really need advice should i tell them before or after wedding, :o :o
Jelly Posts: 174
if you dont want to tell I am sure you will get away with it. But I am sure your parents will be fine about it nobody else need know until after the wedding. We told our parents at the weekend and they are over the moon. The only reason I would encourage you to tell is that if you get pregnancy symtoms in abundance like me month 2 and 3 are going to be pretty tough with regard to sickness and tireness so you might need some additional help in the run up to the wedding. But then again others sail through it. If you have sickness it should be well gone by your big day, and regards the dress fitting lots of brides are still taking dresses in and out up until the last minute due to weight gain/loss in the last few weeks. Just make sure you organise a good local semstress that can do the adjustments for you if needed. Good Luck with it all and congradulations
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Hi rubybride, I think at 4 months, people wouldn't generally guess. If you have to get alterations made to the dress, could you get them done without anyone knowing? I would guess that at 4 months as well, you shouldn't be sick on the day (obviously there'll be no drinking, so you'd have to come up with an excuse for that :lol: ) I know that you will probably be sick, tired, etc between now and then - I've felt dreadful over the past month....but no-one 'notices' if that makes sense. I told my parents last week, and neither of them had suspected at all, so think if you don't want to tell anyone til afterwards, you will probably get away with it. Best of luck :wink:
rubybride Posts: 9
Thank You so much for all your needed advice...... Would you believe i have done 3 preg tests just to be sure and all three positive. I'm very excited just like ye and have decided to tell my sister and our parents before the wedding, prob in another 6 weeks. Thanks again for all your support and advice cheers I'll keep you updated
Grainne20 Posts: 835
I am almost 6 months and really only started to poof over the last 4 weeks. You will be fine as long as you can manage the dress alterations as needed. Dont stress out this is the last thing you need to be doing right now. You need to take care of yourself. BEst of luck with it all!!
Chrimbobride Posts: 125
Just so you know my sister was 4 months pregnant the day she got married and no one noticed. She just said she didnt want to drink too much cos she wanted to remember the day minute by minute. To be honest I didnt even drink that much the day of my own wedding so its pretty much the norm. Best of luck and hope everything goes perfect !