how do some people get these jobs?

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LabLady Posts: 4325
I swear to God... We have a coach for our team since we started here. (new team). She is just useless! She took me for a coaching session today saying it would only take 5-10 mins, has to do it with everyone even if their performance is above the average. So they do this thing for development. Its a Stop. Continue and Start system based on the customers/cases we have worked on and they have monitored, which is fair enough. So the Stop one she said, I dont do 123 and I needed to do XY and Z. I went through the cases and asked her to show me where this was Not being done already, eg show me one of those cases she monitored where I didnt do 123 and needed to do xyz. There was none. They were perfect. She didnt even go through the cases to read exactly what I had done and was doing for our customers. She had sent this mail onto me and to my team leader. I refused to sign off on it. She then tried recalling the message, I denied it. I got her then to send out the amended results and included my Team Leader. She was basically trying to say I was doing worse than I am! You would have no chance of moving up in a company if people above you dont do their work properly and acknowledge you are doing more than you best. This is not a dig at coach's or team leaders or management, but just a release of my frustration about this stupid woman.
nelly Posts: 1875
she is in the job to make sure you DONT get what you deserve! I love those jobs really, like procurement departments - before each person here had to get 3 quotes for stuff, get boss to sign off and order now there is a whole department who do this - and I can count umpteen situations where i still went away and got a cheaper quote for them (did their job for them) and they can still justify their job as a "value add". Your kind of situation sickens my hole - do they really think you are dumb enough just to agree with whatever tripe they write.... O:|
gerbil Posts: 3528
she's an idiot. Well done for insisting on an accurate report - too many people let them away with it and then wonder why their bosses have the ammunition to withhold bonuses or promotion.
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
[color=indigo:2udtpbra]Ah Team Leaders in Dell yeah after listening to dh evening rant have to agree with you Dell even sent him on a management course (every Saturday for 6 months) and then gave the management position to someone who 1. didn't want to be a manager and 2. didn't do the course O:| O:| O:| neither of them work there any more now !! [/color:2udtpbra]
LabLady Posts: 4325
I am spitting fire here now. >:o) she has been back over at my desk going on about nothing while I could be doing my callbacks and my "buddy's" callbacks who is out sick as well as the email backlog. Saying I am too quick on my calls, that it doesnt matter that I am one of the few good agents who takes on the burden of calls waiting. Others give a bad customer experience by answering the phone, saying nothing and putting the customers on hold. That sickens my shite. She says their "scores" for availability are better cause they take longer on the phone so are available for longer periods, ie on call + availablity between calls should be 6+ hours. So she has more or less instructed me to put customers on hold or "chat" to them about the weather, I deal with Business customers not as I would call myself, a regular home customer, who you can chat with. These people are ringing to complain and get a resolution not talk about crap. LOL Then when we have resolved these issues, a survey is sent out about how we dealt with their queries, and have to tell them its on how "I" dealt with your query. The customers dont care its how I am graded for my bonus', if they have a gripe they are obviously going to take it out on my survey regardless of who they had the gripe with. I AM SO OVER THIS JOB! Anyone got any half decent jobs with decent pay going? I am a hard worker! :wv
gerbil Posts: 3528
email your supervisor and whoever is their boss, and ask for clarification. Tell tem you have been instructed to put your customers on hold or chat to them, in order to prolong your call times and you want it in writing from your bosses that this is the correct procedure as you had been working on the "resolve issue quickly" basis as previously trained to do >:o) >:o)
LabLady Posts: 4325
[quote="mk-posie":199u3k6e]I am spitting fire here now. >:o) [/quote:199u3k6e] someone is looking out for me today and preventing an early heart attack. the cinders from me spitting fire must have caught light cause we just had the fire alarm go off, smoked 2 cigarettes under duress and now a bit calmer. Just wont be getting out of work on time today.
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Some people get manager's jobs by fluke.. moving up in a company because someone left and then moving onto another company because they have manager experience. A lot of the time, they don't know how to manage. The real managers have years of training behind them and aren't going to be your best friend, they are your boss and that's it. I would be peeved too if I was you!
LabLady Posts: 4325
Thank God its a new day cause I dont think I could handle it all over again. DH thinks I should talk to my team leader, show him the two emails, the first one where its obvious she didnt even look/read my cases and basically saying I am doing something wrong, when in fact I know I am one of the stronger agents on the floor. This could nearly have effected my grades hence bonus'.