How do you chose a consultant?

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mbrett Posts: 30
Have just found out we are pregnat. Very excited but very daunted as to who to chose as the consultant. Thinking of going private in Holles Street. Can anyone recommend a consultant?
UndercoverBride Posts: 110
Hi Mbrett, I'm private with Dr Stephen Carroll in Holles Street and I'm really happy with my choice. He's really kind and caring and between himself and his secretary Anne Marie they do make you feel very special iykwim!! I think i started with appointments every 4 weeks and then every 3 weeks from about 19/20 weeks and now i'm down to every 2 weeks. He does a little mini scan every visit so you get to see loads of babs. I made my decision by searching through old posts on here for holles street consultants - there's a good bit of information. Congratulations on your pregnancy, wishing you a happy and healthy nine months :wv
mbrett Posts: 30
Thanks for the advice. 2 names that have been mentioned to me are Dr. Peter McParland and Dr Decal Keane.
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi MBrett, I'm attending Peter McParland, my GP recommended him. I'm really happy with him, I'm attending him at the SP clinic and he's been there for all my appointments. He always has queue of people waiting but still gives me his time, he always asks how i'm feeling and doesn't make me feel rushed when I'm with him. I'd recommend him for sure. :wv