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the winner Posts: 4148
Ah Id love a glass of wine... I think I might have a glass later watching desperate housewives:D Id reallly love a nice cocktail:D mmmmmm Tasty .. going to New Kids on the block tomorrow so going to get a few cocktails first:D O-O I'll be so sick for work Thursday :hic :hic :hic But I'll survive:D
Linda H Posts: 1151
Ah brilliant. Enjoy tomor night. Will meet ya here thurs for the hair of the dog :o0 :wv
the winner Posts: 4148
HA HA good plan:D It will be needed:D *) *)
katiemomma Posts: 2690
stress? whats that haha :o0 just kidding i actually havent had too much time to stress i tookon alot of things this year, I am in a musical and have rehearsals sunday, monday and tuesdays, doing my diploma in youth and community work on wednesdays , and a beauty therapy course thursdays. also my 4 year old started school this year so we have homework to help out with. and then plan the wedding. i wrote a list the other night in between all that and realised how relaxed i have been and havent as much done as i should ve and panicked briefly and realised it just doesnt matter! i booked the main things in the first few months and relaxed ever since! we are engaged nearly a yr and have 6 more months to go. once all my activities are finished i think i may stress and fall off the wagon haha. :o0 O-O try not to take it all so serious i mean the reception part its the church and the ceremony/marriage thats more important. its what the whole thing means. and just have a good old rant to the wollies on hear and you will be fine! :lvs [url=] [img:pqsk7ec0];10716;24/st/20090807/e/Our+Wedding/dt/5/k/2fe1/event.png[/img:pqsk7ec0] [/url]
McLovin Posts: 185
There's nothing to stress about, certainly not 18 months beforehand anyway. So far I have really enjoyed all the planning and things just fall into place. The more you stress the less you will enjoy the whole process!
chica*irlandesa Posts: 33
My advice would be to just enjoy the whole process!! It's one of the most exciting times of your life, so make sure to take time to smell the roses and not get wrapped up in the stressful bits of it. I'm a firm believer that it's going to be as much stress as you want it to be. The best thing to accept is that you cannot and will not please everyone... so as soon as you realise that, just breathe a sigh of relief. And enjoy the rest! And celebrate through the year!
disney08 Posts: 575
I had a little bit of a meltdown the other week, panicking about trying to keep costs down and lots of talk of paycuts. Talked it through with Mr-Disney-to-be and got things in perspecitve... all we really need is the 2 of us to turn up on the day and anyone else who turns up to celebrate with us is a bonus. But with all that said I still was taken aback when I realised how much photographers cost earlier this week! wow :ooh