How do you dress a cot?

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Solar Powered Posts: 548
I've seen these bumper and quilt sets for cots (example ) in the shops but I think most people just have sheets on their cot and cellular blankets/grobags. So are the quilts and bumpers (that look so lovely) ever used? So how do you 'dress' a cot? Many thanks.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
All the safety advice round babies sleeping advises against bumpers and any kind of loose bedding in cot. We have always just had fitted sheet and gro bag. Then cellular blanket in colder weather if necessary-tightly tucked in. Never bothered with any of those pretty sets for safety reasons!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Same here, just bought a 2 pack of fitted sheets in ikea and a few gro bags. Also have one cute sheet from a department store that matches the room decor but the ikea ones are the work horse. We weren't buying anything unnecessary anyway but I wouldn't have got any of those sets purely because of the SIDS risks. They're really just for the parents. Baby doesn't miss them at all.
Solar Powered Posts: 548
Thanks girls, that's the conclusion I had pretty much come to too. Thanks for the safety advice, I'll steer well away from those sets.
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
Alot of people advice to steer clear of bumpers. I did & just used fitted sheets on the mattress along with cellular blankets. Put a bath towel, folded in half, on the mattress, before you put on the fitted sheet as it protects the mattress if your baby is sick. We had a very pukey baby at the start until we changed formula. So it really does save the mattress! It worked for me a few times so I swear by it now.