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zoesmama Posts: 2774
1. Water Meters and their Installation 2. Water Charges 3. The Household Charge 4. The new Property Tax 5. The Septic Tank Registration 6. The Fiscal Treaty
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
[quote="zoesmama":2mkvpzjg]1. Water Meters and their Installation 2. Water Charges[/quote:2mkvpzjg] I'm gonna be lynched for this but I do think that everyones water should be metered. I live in the country so we use a Private Water Scheme for water. Have to pay €80 per year for water. This allows a certain amount of water and if we go over that we have to pay. Its metered. With regard to having to pay for Water metres - why not?? I had to pay a €1800 connection charge just to get water to my house and a metre. [quote="zoesmama":2mkvpzjg]3. The Household Charge[/quote:2mkvpzjg] I paid it and I'm actually kicking myself that I did. It is just a stepping stone to a full out Property Tax [quote="zoesmama":2mkvpzjg]4. The new Property Tax[/quote:2mkvpzjg] What will this be based on? The value of your property? The size? While most countries in the EU pay rates (and quite high rates at that) but at least they get services for this. E.g in the North you pay rates for your home but at least you get your water and bin services for this. What'll we get - nothing! [quote="zoesmama":2mkvpzjg]5. The Septic Tank Registration[/quote:2mkvpzjg] This is maddening - a tax on those living out in the country. Now I can understand that some old septic tanks maybe leaking and running into waterways, but surely we don't all have to pay for them to come out and check. Why don't the local councils go around and check them, especially the older houses?? When we got planning for our house, they wouldn't let us put in a Septic Tank, it had to be a waste water treatment system, which in theory emits clean water at the end of the filteration process... And we had to pay €4,500 for the fecking thing over a couple of hundred for a Septic Tank. [quote="zoesmama":2mkvpzjg]6. The Fiscal Treaty[/quote:2mkvpzjg] To be honest, I haven't a clue what this is about.