how do you inform the state

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gottabfp Posts: 5641
just wondering girls how do you inform the state on you intent to marry. do i do it this year even though wedding isnt til next july
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I found all the info I needed on this website. You do have to make an appointment though so you can prob just make the app now. HTH [url:3e8o3hhs][/url:3e8o3hhs]
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
Yep, I would do it as soon as possible because at least it'll be out of the way then! You have to ring your local HSE Births, Marraiges and Deaths dept and make an appointment. They were lovely in my local one in Galway, even though it's a massive waste of 150 euros!!! Just make sure you have decided on your church venue, preist and your attendants signing with you, because they print our your form there and then so if you have to change anything like the venue afterwards, it can get a bit messy!
hick Posts: 858
saw a post here recently where someone rang one of the dublin offices and were told the earliest appointment they could be given was the 10th of March [b:1kugfo5i]next year[/b:1kugfo5i], THAT'S NUTS!!!! Get in early!!!!
newblueborrowed Posts: 29
hi when you ring up they tell you when you can have an appointment and when I rang 6 months before the wedding the best they could do was 4 months before the wedding... so get it out of the way now and get it organised as there are lots of people who don't realise the situation until the last minute and then all the appointments are gone.
val2bwed Posts: 194
I registered when we booked our church the priest gave us the paperwork and all we had to do was fill it in and send it off to our local Births deaths & marriges and they sent us back the registered with the state forms and it cost us nothing! Never knew you had to make an appointment or had to pay and nobody said anything to me just did the paperwork!!!
hick Posts: 858
[quote="val2bwed":1p9g4ufo]Never knew you had to make an appointment or had to pay and nobody said anything to me just did the paperwork!!![/quote:1p9g4ufo] if you did it before Nov 07 you didn't have to worry about any of this
val2bwed Posts: 194
Oh thanks I was starting to get worried we did it in Dec 06 saved us some money at least! :o)ll