How do you treat your child minders?

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*Smajra* Posts: 1440
For any of you out there that have private childminders as opposed to a creche, what are "the rules"? I've been a childminder for several years now as a way to stay at home with my own children. I charge very reasonable rates and I'm very good at my job. Any child I've ever had has always been happy in my home [b:lut42whp]however[/b:lut42whp] I've always found that after a while the parents get so comfortable that they really start to take advantage. I worked outside the home when my oldest was young and always treated my childminder with respect and courtesy. I have really had it with the crap I'm getting though. I'm minding 2 children at the minute and have had them for about 7 months. Their parents are self employed and I have them strange hours, evenings and saturdays. I would never usually work these hours but they were really stuck and I needed the extra cash for the wedding. Now I say extra cash but infact I earn very little. I usually state my "rules" from the beginning but never really got the chance with these people as they evening I met them they were abit all over the place. I agreed a fee for the hours the asked for but since then they have come and gone as they please. After dropping the children an hour early and collecting them an hour late one saturday I explained that I am not ok with that. I asked them to respect my own family life and said that I need to be asked in advance if extra hours are ok and I also need to be paid for them. They said "of course" and everything was fine for a few weeks but it has gotten worse now. They recently added 3 hours onto my week without asking (just arrived an hour early and collected them half an hour late 2 days a week). Again I said this was not ok and the wife got annoyed and said the husband was supposed to have asked. Neither of them apologised and instead of discussing it with me they simply put an extra €5 in my weekly fee!!!! €5 for 3 extra hours work with 2 children!! THis has made me not want to take these children anymore. I'm very fond of them but can't deal with their parents and have had enough of lowering myself by asking for respect. Girls I realise this has turned into more of a rant than a question :oops: but I would genuinely like to know if any of you out there think that this is an acceptable way to treat the person that minds your children so that you can earn your living??
willthiswork Posts: 1995
I haven't got any kids but there is no way I would treat anyone like that. They are well out of order.
charli Posts: 5994
Mrs. Dtb, they are taking full advantage. my little one is in a creche, that i am very happy with. but i have to say i am very respectful to them at all times, and it's not a family or anything i let them know if she won't be in the next day, if she'll be in late, or collected early and always respect every rule or new policy/idea that they introduce. they are bang out of order! most childminders don't go past 6.30/7.00pm. do you have many families? if you did you could do a little newsletter with what new things you are going to do with the kids (i don't know, walks, computer lessons whatever and then list the "rules" for all. i am sure that it not much help if you only have 2/4 kids but i wanted to reply as i felt for your situation, these people are taking advantage, i would be mortified!
noddy1 Posts: 619
You deserve respect - you do not have to demand it. Get onto the babyminders website i am livign 100 miles away from both my and my husbands parents and i dearly hope to find a minder for my children if and when we are "sent" them. I hope therefore you know just how valuable you are as a service provider. Please do not let this go on, I know you care about the real people involved - the 2 children but reality bites and they are their parents worry not yours. Give them the flick and advertise again. And set rules this time - if potential children's parents are all over the place you know to tell them pull themselves together - you mean business! This type of taking for granted drives me nuts.
River Posts: 845
I think you should tell them where to go. They are completely taking advantage. I'd be mortified if I was them.
silverstar Posts: 223
Mrs Dtb - they are abusing your nature here. My wee fella is with a private childmind. She has him nearly two years now and I ask her in advance if she can watch him past 6pm - saying that it's only happened once and she's no bother with it and I'd give her a few extra pounds for it. I really appreicate it and usually pay over what she's due i.e. if she's off for a day for some reason I still give her the full rate. She is worth her weight in gold and I'd never do what those ones are doing on you - I feel bad for leaving him extra. You don't have to take this guff from anyone - especially in your own home. I'd have it out with them in a nice way and tell them how you are feeling. Good luck.
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
Thanks for the replies girls. I'm just finding it impossible to get my head round their way of thinking. I can't understand how they would think it's acceptable to show up at my house an hour early or an hour late without my prior consent, or how they think they don't need to pay me for the extra hours. I have never refused to take them when this happened or even said anything as they were being dropped or collected because I would hate to make the children feel unwelcome here so I had to ring them to discuss it. The thing is they are quite nice people to talk to so I don't understand their behaviour at all. I hate working on saturdays as it is a complete loss of freedom and means I only get one day off a week so that coupled with these problems has made me want to call it quits I just hate the thought of upsetting the children by uprooting them when they're settled with me. I wish it was as simple as discussing it with them but I've done this twice already. I was straight forward, friendly and clear about my issues and they said they completely understood yet they have continued to show no regard to my own life. I reallyu just don't understand how people can behave like this and think it's acceptable.
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
A fiver...sweet lamb of god!they are really taking the piss out of you.Some people just take advantage and are very selfish.They are not thinking about you and your life.They are doing what suits them.All you can do is say it again and if they get annoyed just explain that if they want extra hours its extra pay. Its awful to be in the situation that you are asking for your own money that you have worked for :roll: very unfair
Sassy Posts: 2269
I don't have children myself but i can't understand how anyone thinks they can treat someone like that. I know it can be hard to find a childminder so i feel if it was me i would appreciate everything you do. Don't take anymore of that treatment. You don't deserve it.