How do you Working Moms stay sane. Any tips?

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skillet Posts: 244
I pulled an all nighter with my little 2 year old last night she had a temp of 40.3c at 10pm& 4am & at 8am it was down to 38c so hopefully we broke the fever with the miracle of Calpol. I am at work and all the "important issues" here are just so trivial and so unimportant. I have been close to tears twice because of stupid things which would normally roll off me like water off a duck, i know its tiredness and i know tomorrow i will be rested and back up to speed but it is just so hard to be a fully functioning Mom as well as the fairly reliable member of the team here. I couldnt stay home as we are one girl down due to exams. I would really appreciate some advice from you. I know i have to work, i have 2 kids,a wonderful H2B a new house and a wedding in 12 months, my job is local and really i cant complain its just that they are not very flexable. End of moan :cry:
skillet Posts: 244
dashed home at lunch time the little one is flying around the place. Kids are amazing 24 hours and shes right as rain. Thank god
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Ah that's good to hear. Sorry I can't give you any tips on the kids vs work front but I've sisters in the same boat and it can be heartbreaking - especially when the kids are sick. I think u have the right attitude though - your family is your priority and trivial things in work just puts that into perspective. I'm sure you're doing a great job of managing the two :)
ECK Posts: 38
feel so sorry have 2 kids myself in the middle of moving into a new house and selling our own getting married in 2 months and everything is getting on top of me at the mo feeling very stressed but regarding kids and work its the hardest thing to juggle i am looking to go part-time in a year or so as i think it would be better but as for now if there sick its so hard and it drains you aswell have an early night tonight when ye put kiddies to bed but i know ye prob have a million other things to do
skillet Posts: 244
Cheers ECK, I am feeling a million times better had that early night and the little one is feeling so much better, she was hit hard by this bug and she is usually a tough nut but this one got hold of her. but it does make me think about part time work, it would be ideal and to be honest the money i am on i dont think i would be a whole lot worse off. My job is local so there is that advantage my H2B has a long commute to Dub every day and there is no point in two of us being on the road half the day. It is hard I think i am at a crossroads and decisions will have to be made soon and daughters recent illness is putting everything into perspective.
mad woman Posts: 22106
its so tough isnt sometimes, iv got two aswell, we are up at 6 every morning rushing around hte house like two mental people, DH gets home around 630pm and I get home around 7ish, by that time its nearly time to go to bed and start all over again! BTW - just a tip, if she is really sick again, you can get suppositrys called paralink which are excellent and you can use them with nurofen for childern which can give inbetween the paralink they are brilliant i swear by them...