How early can you take test?

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Rubee Posts: 483
I think I may have got pregnant at the weekend as I am so sick ever since and constantly vomiting and feeling nautious. Could I possibly have symptoms after only few days? I am so nervous, as we didn't plan but would be delighted either way. Please help, would hate to waste a test if it too early. My next Period is due 12/13 November. Thanks a mill
LJMom Posts: 1100
Poor you Mrs K. not feeling too good! As far as I know the pregnancy test is measured in the amount of HGH hormone in your body which is the hormone which tells if you are pregnant. Not sure how much of it would be in our body this early. With me I tested in the day my af was due and got a BFN and then tested 4 days later and got a BFP. If I was you Id wait until nearer the time your af is due. Best of luck :babydust:
fancypants Posts: 453
the earliest tests are (as far as I know) first response which claim that they can detect teh hormone 4 days before your period is due. Otherwise you really have to wait until you are due/ late your period. To be honest I personally don't think you would have symptoms like nausea this soon - but everyone is different I guess. Try not to worry - that will only delay your period and stress you more best of luck
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
mrs K think its a bit to soon to test, you can do a test a day before your period, if you tested now theres not enough high level of HGH hormone