How early can you test

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sally Posts: 1140
Just started TTC this month and think have gone past the ovulation bit by about a week. Have been feelin a bit odd, its prob just cause im off the pill but i jumped the gun a little and did a test anyway which was neg. Just wondering when can you test.... does it have to be the first day of your expected period or can you test earlier. Those tests are bloody expensive, I can see myself buying a ton of them over the next couple of months!! The one I bought was actually in dutch as i was in amsterdam so i couldnt understand the details of when you can test but im definately "neit zwanger".
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Sally, The very very earliest you could get a positive is 8 days after ovulation but more often than not, it takes a lot longer to register a positive - here's some stats (dpo is days past ovulation): Positive BFP Percentages according to dpo: * 35% at 10dpo * 51% at 11dpo * 62% at 12dpo * 68% at 13dpo * 74% at 14dpo * 80% at 15dpo * 88% at 16dpo * 92% at 17dpo A lot of tests (first reponse) claim they can tell you 4 days before ur af is due but it depends on when you implant (could be 6-12 days after ovulation) and how quickly you produce the pregnancy hormone. To save urself some money, i would wait until at least the day of ur af or even later if u can (easier said then done i know!). You should look at the miu on the pregnancy test to see what levels it can detect - some are better than others. Hope that helps.
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i know first response is 4days before period is due. really you're better off leaving it as close to when af is due as possible as like you said they are expensive. how do you feel otherwise any different than normal?
sally Posts: 1140
Thanks Mrs Peg. looks like ill have to develop some patience. Just feeling really crampy for the last couple of days and have been a bit nauseous and kinda light headed or dizzy sometimes... maybe thats just my imagination or withdrawal from the pill. Just wanted to do the test as I was away and having a few drinks so wanted to make sure one way or the other as I was feeling really guilty every time I had a glass of wine. Think will just wait and see what happens now.