how early did ye test?

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boneym Posts: 11
how early after a missed cycle did ye test and get a positive result? i tested on day 33 of my cycle and i got a negative (last night). but i feel sick every morning , missed period and cramps..
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi boneym, I think a lot of the girls differed really - some got a positive a few days before their period was due while others had to wait several days after their period was due. What day was your period due and what type of test did you use? Some tests are more accurate. Fingers crossed for u though!
corkrebel Posts: 744
my cycle went from 25 - 29 days at its longest... i tested on Day 28, Day 29 and Day 30....(to be sure!) but I guess that everyone would be different...try to base it on your cycle of luck!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I got the bfp on a 27 day cycle. I tested on day 25 and got a positive. Tested again on day 27 just to be sure :wink:
boneym Posts: 11
well my cycle is anything from 30- 40 days since coming off pill and i tested on day 34. now i think i must have been imagining my sickness or maybe i just have a bug. oh well. tested with "Accurate" test. funny isnt it how it hits you (the broodiness), only been trying a couple of months but cant stop admiring at kids. at the shopping cnetre saturday every woman i passed seemed to be pregnant. funny how i never noticed that before! and you try not to get obsessive but you cant help but be, (maybe thats just me!!)