How early did you hear heartbeat

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Septbride Posts: 380
Hi Girls, Firstly Happy New Year and to all those that just got BFP's Congrats and all those ttc I hope 2007 is there year for you! I was just wondering if someone could compare to my 'story' kind of. Was at caredoc with hubbie (bad flu - well a mans flu!!!!) the other night and it happened to be our own doctor - we were having a chat about this and that he said that i was looking really well blah blah and i said yes if i could just get to 18 wks to hear or see our little baba it would make it more real and he said oh what stage are you at i said 15 wks and he said well lie down and i'll try and listen for heartbeat!! He kept saying it is a bit early for a low tech machine like they had so not to panic if i didn't hear anything now the maching picked up the beats per min and we could hear the swish swosh noise (sorry!) but barely barely hear the heartbeat (actually if i'm honest i couldn't hear it i just agreed with him!!! :-8 I am due back tomorrow for routine check up so he said he will listen for me then to put my mind at rest!!! but that he is happy!!! So I was excited but still like every pregnant woman still a little nervous!!! So after that long winded story I was just wondering how early did you hear heartbeat (not in hospital as theres is much more high tech (apparantely -sp?) You see I think the doc is putting me a wk ahead so it would make more sense that i am 14 ++ not 15++ wouldn't it? Sorry for all that -really need sleep!!!
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Ditto, doc couldn't hear the heartbeat neither but said he didn't expect this as very early stages yet. The equipment they have wouldn't be the same as in the maternity hospital. Try not to panic, only a few weeks until you you have your scan.
Incognito Posts: 232
Doc couldn't detect our little heartbeat at nine weeks, but the hospital scanner picked it up no problem.... a magical sound! Try not to worry. If the doctor says he is happy, then you should be too!
miss sixty Posts: 467
[quote:f6yajq79]he maching picked up the beats per min and we could hear the [b:f6yajq79]swish swosh[/b:f6yajq79] noise [/quote:f6yajq79] Thats exactly how I would describe the sound of the babys heartbeat! Its much faster than you'd actually expect from a baby Im 15 weeks and doc got heartbeat at 13 weeks 3 days with this little one and with DS i think it was about the same. Try to relax Im sure your just fine
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Doc got the heartbeat when i was around 14 weeks.. Was a lot of swish swash going on too though :o0
Mrs J Posts: 387
I had a few scans early on when hearbeat could be seen, but my last GP appointment was a few weeks ago when I was just over 17 weeks. She checked for a heartbeat and it could be heard. doc described it as very 'soft' at this stage and told me that was entirely normal. I'm sure everything is fine - good luck!
Mrs Cath2005 Posts: 138
We saw it (blinking on the screen) at 8 weeks via internal ultrasound. It was 175 beats per minute!
Septbride Posts: 380
Thanks for all replys girls. Went to GP this morning and he still couldn't hear anything just what he described as baby moving! Still doesn't matter what anyone says until I hear it I am nervous. He reckoned that maybe I am not as far along now as he thought (even though i have told him enough times i think i am a week behind his dates) he said maybe i am only about 14 + which would make more sense or else i have a very tight womb and baby is too compact in there !! He rang consultant secretary and booked me in but consultant is on holidays so its not until 17th jan which is about the time i was due to go to him anyway!! So fingers crossed everything will be ok. Thanks a million again for your reassurances. x
clarabell Posts: 62
i was at the doctors at 16wks (just before christmas) and we were able to hear the heart beat, but still waiting for my scan.